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  1. Mucociliary escalator
    mucus and cilia that protects the respiratory system
  2. Strep throat
    Pain, fever, hard to swallow; red throat due to lysing of epithelium, puss on tonsels; caused by group A strep which also causes impetigo and necrotizing facitiis
  3. M protein
    Responsible for late sequelae immune mimicry; also a C3b protease
  4. Acute Rheumatic Fever
    antibodies are made against M protein; they erode heart valves and allow surface for biofilm attachment; recruits NK cells and complement and nutrophils
  5. Viridans Streptococcus
    Bacteria that live in your mouth but can get into the blood stream; of you have a rhematic heart it can destroy the heart valve
  6. subacute bacterial endocarditis
    when viridans streptococcus invades the heart valve
  7. Diptheria
    caused by corynebacterium diptherae; produces AB toxin at low fe conditions; A stops protein synthesis
  8. Pseudomembrane
    dead cells and bacteria that block the airway in diptheria; it can lead to heart failure and death; spread by respiratory droplets
  9. diptheria immune globulin
    antitoxin vaccine that injects antibodies into you
  10. EENT infections
    hemophils influenzae and strep pnemonia cause problems to ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  11. Bacterial conjunctivitis
    inflammation of membrane over the eye; puss and pink eye
  12. Viral conjunctivitis
    inflammation of membrane over the eye causing redness
  13. Otitis Media
    middle ear infections that causes puss and inflammation in the esacian tubes which can cause the ear drum to rupture
  14. Sinusitis
    nasal infections causing headache, swelling, and puss in nasal secretions
  15. Pneumonia
    secretion of fluid into lungs can be because of bacteria, virus, or dust; strep pneumoniae
  16. Diplococci in PMNs
    found in sputum in lungs and turns it pink
  17. 23-valent vaccine
    against polysaccharide capsul which means it is T independent and useful for 6 months
  18. Rhinovirus
    causes the common cold; naked ssRNA spread by respiratory droplets; acid sensitive; binds to epithelial cell receptors
  19. Pleconaril
    binds to capsid and inhibits receptor binding and uncoating; virus cant bind to receptor so uptake is prevented
  20. Adenovirus
    naked ds DNA virus; causes cold and fever; pus can be present in the throat; spread in fecal matter and respiratory droplets
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