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  1. Furuncle
    classic lesion of staph aureus
  2. Folliculitis
    enflamed hair follicle due to staph aureus
  3. Coagulase
    blood clots and is walled off due to this enzyme
  4. Bullous exfoliation
    caused by exfoliative toxin that gets between dermis and epidermis and causes epidermis to slough off
  5. Toxic Shock syndrome
    super antigen toxin which causes septic shock
  6. Biofilm associated infections
    S/ aureus and S. epidermidis which are normal flora can lyse blood cells and form biofilms; associated with implanting a device
  7. MRSA
    has mac cassette which carries resistance to many different antibiotics
  8. Erysipelas
    strep infection of subdermal fat which causes inflammation of fat tissue
  9. Impetigo
    strep infection which causes late seuelae
  10. Sequela
    "follow on" caused by immune mimicry
  11. Necrotizing Fasciitis
    Super antigen toxin that allows the bacteria to spread quickly due to tissue invasive protease
  12. Group A strep
    sensitive to penicillin
  13. Lyme disease
    caused by borrelia burgdoferi, a spirochaete, has a bulls eye rash; late sequalae is heart conduction abnormalities or arthritis (immune mimicry); spread via tick
  14. Tetanus
    caused by anaerobic spore former clostridium tetani which infect a deep tissue wound; AB toxin that inhibits release of neuroinhibitor so all muscles contract
  15. Tetanospasmin
    AB toxin of tetanus that causes rigid paralysis
  16. neuroinhibitor
    allows muscle to relax while others contract
  17. DTaP
    vaccination with tetanus toxoid
  18. Tetanus Immune Globulin
  19. Gangrene
    caused by the anaerobic spore former clostridium perfingens which produces gas which puts pressure on capillary and stops blood flow (ischemia) and leads to tissue death
  20. Debridement
    cutting out of dead tissue
  21. Edematous Abscess
    rapid swelling due to animal bite
  22. Vericella
    Herpes virus, enveloped, dsDNA
  23. Macular
    flat spots in the skin durin chicken pox
  24. Papular
    fluid filled blisters in chicken pox
  25. Pustular
    crusty broken papulo during chicken pox
  26. Reye's syndrome
    If aspirin is taken while you have chicken pox this occurs
  27. Rubeola
    ssRNA enveloped virus with flat rash; replicates in Tcells so cullular immunity is compromised, symptoms include cough, coryza, conjunctivitis and Kiplik's spots
  28. Cough, Coryza, Conjunctivitis
    cough, runny nose, and pink eye characteristic of measles rupeola
  29. Koplik's spots
    white spots in pharynx due to measles rubeola killing cells
  30. MMR vaccine
    measles, mumps, rubella vaccine that requires 2 injections
  31. Rubella
    small enveloped ssRNA togavirus with milder symptoms
  32. Congenital rubella syndrome
    when fetus aquires rubella from mother and can be born blind, deaf, retarded, with heart disease, or still born
  33. Papillomavirus
    small naked dsRNA that can survive outside host; 18 month incubation period; replicates in epithelial cell nuclei and causes abnormal growth
  34. Candidasis
    cutaneous fungal infection painful itchy burning rash
  35. Thursh
    type of candida that grows orally
  36. Dermatophytic fungi
    keratinase; athletes foot and other tinea infections
  37. ring worm
    dermatophytes that live below keratine
  38. sporotrichosis
    fungal disease which charges from spores to yeast; migrate along lymph duct; found in gardening
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