1. Carbamazepine
    Tegretol - extensive hepatic metabolism. Inducer!! Causes SIADH, osteomalacia, folate deficiency, teratogenic, suicidal ideation

    BBW: rash, aplastic anemia
  2. Ethosuximide
    Zarontin - may cause rash, gum hypertrophy, suicidal ideation
  3. Felbamate
    Felbatol - adjuntive therapy ONLY - may cause suicidal ideation. Benefit must outweigh risk!

    BBW: Hepatotoxicity, Aplastic anemia
  4. Fosphenytoin
    Cerebryx - Max of 150 mg PE/min! 75 mg FOS = 50 mg phenytoin.
  5. Gabapentin
    Neurontin - 100% Renal elimination. May cause weight gain, suicdal ideation.
  6. Lacosamide
    Vimpat - adjuntive therapy for > 17 y.o. May cause lack of coordination and diplopia, suicidal ideation
  7. Lamotrigine
    Lamictal - may cause toxic dermal necrolysis - if given too fast, suicidal behavior
  8. Levitiracetam
    Keppra - adjuntive therapy- suicidal behavior, sedation
  9. Oxcarbazepine
    Trileptal - SIADH --> hyponatremia, hypersensitivity syndrome, suicidal behavior
  10. Phenobarbital
    INDUCER! Hepatic failure, SJS, hypersensitivity syndrome, folate deficiency, imparied memory/concentration, preg cat D
  11. Phenytoin
    • Dilantin - INDUCER of CYP2C19! indicated for ALL seizure types except absence and febrile seizures. Exhibits zero-order kinetics. May cause, thickening of subcutaneous tissues, acne, hirsuitism, gingival hyperplasia, Vit K deficiency, Hepatic failure, SJS, hypersensitivity syndrome, suicidal behavior, preg cat D. Range: 10-20 mg/L. DO NOT infuse faster than 50 mg/minute
  12. Pregabalin
    Lyrica - may cause angioedema, suicidal ideation
  13. Primidone
    Mysoline - hepatically metabolized to phenobarbital - may cause megaloblastic anemia and lupus like syndrome
  14. Rufinamide
    Banzel - used as adj. treatment of Lennox - Gastaut in children 4 years and older and in adults. May cause a shortening of the QT interval, hyerpsensitivity syndrome, suicidal ideation.
  15. Tigabine
    Gabitril - risk of suicidal ideation
  16. Topiramate
    Topamax - may cause kidney stones, oligohidrosis (not adequately sweat), suicidal ideation.
  17. Valproic Acid
    Depacon/Depakene - may cause weight gain, alopecia, thrombocytopenia, suicidal ideation

    BBW: Hepatotoxicity, hemorrhagic pancreatitis, fetal valproate syndrome
  18. Vigabatrin
    Sabril - indicated for infantile spasms. adj for complex partials. Risk of suicidal ideation
  19. Zonisamide
    Zonegran - partial sz in adults. May cause kidney stones, weight loss, psychosis, oligohidrosis, metabolic acidosis. IS A SULFONAMIDE!
  20. What is the max infusion rate of phenytoin (IV)?
    50 mg/min IV
  21. What is the max infusion rate of FOSphenytoin?
    150 mg/min
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