AFAA Section 3

  1. Explain the difference between an acute injury and a chronic injury.
    An acute injury is the result of a specific incident and has a sudden onset, chronic injuries are ongoing, such as overuse injuries.
  2. Where does plantar fasciitis occur and what is it?
    the bottom of the heel; inflammation of the arch tendon caused by overuse/weight-bearing activity, can also cause pain in knees  
  3. Where does chondromalacia commonly occur and what is it?
    the knee; degeneration of cartilage, often from wear between patella and femur
  4. Where does achilles tendonitis occur and what is it?
    heel/ankle; overuse or injury of the Achilles tendon
  5. What is the difference between a muscle strain and a muscle sprain
    • A strain is an acute injury to a muscle or tendon - twist, tear, or pull - as a result of overstretching or overcontraction
    • A sprain is an acute injury to a ligament - stretch or tear, usually caused by trauma of some sort
  6. List three ways to prevent injury to vocal nodules.
    • Warm up your voice
    • Avoid shouting
    • Hydrate
  7. List three ways to prevent low back pain.
    • Warm up properly before exercise
    • Wear appropriate shoes
    • Good posture with engaged core when sitting and standing
    • Strengthen abdominal and back muscles
    • Stretch often
  8. List three ways to prevent shin splints.
    • Warm up properly
    • Wear appropriate shoes
    • Reduce high-impact activity
  9. List four things that may contribute to heat injuries, cardiovascular conditions, or exercise-induced conditions as they relate to participation in physical activity.
    • Insufficient fluids
    • Poor warm-up
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Inadequate muscle strength
    • Obesity
    • Smoking
  10. What is the recommended first aid action for a musculoskeletal injury?
    • R = rest
    • I = ice
    • C = compression
    • E = elevation
  11. What are the four steps in recognizing an emergency?
    • S = survey
    • A = assessment (visual, identify critical situations, communicate)
    • P = prioritization
    • I = implementation
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