History 1302-3

  1. Harrison's intervention
    • The firstone to enter intervention
    • 1-supplying Venezuela by rail to block british invasion
  2. The spanish/American war in the pacific and the caribbean
    • America raise to power
    • The war in the Filippines
  3. The chinese intervention
    • The US, Japan and Russia became the powers of the pacific
    • 1- Roosevelt the geopolitician
  4. The roosevelt corollary
    The only president sworn in by telegraph or electronic means
  5. Who's the only presiden stock on a bath tub
  6. What transform thhe US in to a world power?
    The Spanish/American war
  7. What countries became the primary military powers in Asia after the Boxer Rebellion in 1900-1901?
    The US , Japan and Russia
  8. The first president witha Nobel peace prize.
    Roosevelt  for his efforts to settle the sino-Russian war in 1904-05
  9. Roosevelt methods that have been the only successful formats for the US with?
    His gentlement's agreement structures.
  10. The gentlemen's Agreement Structure.
    • 1-the men sent to negotiate the peace could make a treaty without constant consultations and guidance from their repective nations.
    • 2-¬† That all parties remain until the peace treaty had been resolved
    • 3- That all negotiations take place face to face
  11. The roosevelt corollary is>?
    We will never be loved but we must allways be respected.
  12. Roosevelt never worried about the feelings of other nations...
    ... only the issues and policies that assured peace and access to assets.
  13. This became Roosevelt's big stick and the basis for US military planning and organization to today
    The Military
  14. The 16th Amendment
    Allowed for the direct tastation of the citizens of the nation by the Federal Government
  15. The 17th Amedment
    Made direct election of senators the law of the land
  16. The 18th Amendment
    The only amendment championed by Wilson and brought Prohibition to the nation
  17. The 19th Amendment
    Gave the vote to women
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