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  1. Endotoxin
    lipid a of G- LPS; binds to 2 receptors producing a strong cytokine signal which can cause septic shock
  2. LPS binding protein
    Binds LPS from lysed bacterial invaders
  3. Septic Shock
    capillaries become leaky, blood is lost, organ failure, DIC, death
  4. Limulus Amoebocyte Assay
    Detects tiny amounts of LPS by injestion into limulus blood to see if it coagulates
  5. Exotoxins
    protein which is very toxic
  6. A-B toxin
    toxin with 2 parts that interferes with cell signaling, stops protein synthesis and interferes with electrolyte balance
  7. Anthrax toxin
    A2B toxin which interferes with CAMP production and causes swelling; vaccine can be made for B part
  8. Lethal factor
    part of anthrax toxin that interferes with cell signaling which leads to death
  9. Edema factor
    part of anthrax toxin that increases camp production causing leaking of water and swelling
  10. hemolysins
    lyse cells on blood agar
  11. phospholipase
    remove phospholipid head group so you loose the cell membrane and the cell lyses
  12. Efolitive toxin
    produces by staphylococcus; dissolves the glue that holds the dermis to the epidermis so the epidermis flakes off
  13. Hyaluranidase
    destroys hyaluranic acid which connects cells; makes the cell more permeable
  14. Super antigen toxin
    cross links t cell to APC without an antigen present which activates the Tcell; causes massive T cell activation which causes septic shock
  15. Toxic shock
    fatal form of superantigen toxin which causes huge amounts of blood loss
  16. Necrotizing Fasciitis
    fatal form of superantigen toxin
  17. induced autoimmunity
    immune mimicry; rheumatic heart disease
  18. Acute Glomerulonephitis
    type III hypersensitive complex which causes damage to kidneys
  19. Acute Rheumatic Fever
    antibodies to strep M protein recognize a protein on the heart muscle; type II Hyper sensitivity
  20. Interferon repressor
    Stop cell synthesis of interferon so viruses can move to other cells
  21. P53 inhibitor
    inhibits apoptosis
  22. MHC-1 analog
    reverses NK-mediated killing of viral infected cells
  23. Syncytium
    fused groups of cells caused by virus budding so the virus avoids antibodies
  24. keratinase
    allows fungal invasion of deeper tissues by eating away at the tough layer of top skin
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