US History

  1. Name Jeffersons vice president.
    Aaron Burr
  2. Name the chief justice of the Supreme court who administered the oath of office to Jefferson.
    John Marshall
  3. According to the text"Hamilton and his friends" the (two words) ______ ________ had "statistic designs" for America.
    High Federalists
  4. The Jefferson Adm. obtained the lousiana purchase for a sum of __ ______ dollars.
    15 Million
  5. Name a US Supreme Court that Jefferson Adm. unsuccessfully sought to impeach.
    Samual Chase
  6. __________ is the authority of the Supreme Court to rule on the constitutianality of acts of Congress.
    Judicial Revision
  7. What are the two nations that occupy the island of Hispanolia?
    Haiti & Dominican Republic
  8. In what year did the Lewis & Clark Expedition start?
  9. Who did the Federalists nominate for president in 1804?
    Charles Pickney
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