1. What are some functions of PO4?
    • Essential to fxn of muscle, RBCs & nervous system
    • Deposited w/Ca2+ for bone & tooth structure
    • Plays a role in acid-base buffering, ATP production, cellular uptake of glucose, metabolism of PRO, CHO, fats
    • Inverse relationship w/Ca2+
    • Primarily excreted by kidneys
    • Required for release of O2 from HGB
    • Normal 2.7-4.6
  2. What are some common pathologies of hyperPO4?
    • Acute, chronic renal failure
    • Hypoparathyroidism
    • Overadministration of IV or PO phosphates
  3. SnSs of hyperPO4
    • Hypocalcemia
    • Sx look like hypocalcemia
    • Deposition of calcium-phosphate precipitates in skin, soft tissue, cornea, viscera, blood vessels
  4. What are some nursing intervension for the pt w/hyperPO4?
    • Restrict food & fluids w/PO4
    • Adequate hydration & correction of hypocalcemia
    • Administer PO4 binding Rx (Renagel)
  5. What are some common pathologies of hypoPO4?
    • Alcoholism & withdrawal
    • Malnourishment, malabsorption
    • Use of phosphate-binding antacids
    • Prolonged parenteral nutrition w/inadequate replacement
  6. SnSs of hypoPO4
    • Anorexia, malaise, muscle wasting & weakness
    • Tachycardia
    • Symptoms of hypercalcemia
  7. What are some nursing intervensions of the pt w/hypoPO4?
    • Ingestion of foods ^ in PO4
    • Supplemental PO4
    • May require IV Sodium Phosphorous or Potassium phosphorous. 
    • D/C PO4 binding Rx.
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