I'll Be the Judge of That!

  1. concilatory
    (adj) appeasing, soothing
  2. exonerate
    (v) to free from blame
  3. incontrovertible
    (adj) not open to question
  4. indict
    (v) to officially charge with a crime
  5. litigious
    (adj) prone to engage in lawsuits
  6. partisan
    (adj) devoted to or biased in support of a party or cause
  7. parity
    (n) equality
  8. rectitude
    (n) moral uprightness
  9. remiss
    (adj) lax in attending to duty
  10. repudiate
    (v) to reject the validity or authority of
  11. sactimonious
    (adj) feigning piety or righteousness
  12. scrupulous
    (adj) principled, having a strong sense of right and wrong
  13. solicitous
    (adj) concerned
  14. substantiate
    (v) to support with proof or evidence
  15. veracity
    (n) truthfulness
  16. vindicate
    (v) to free from blame
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I'll Be the Judge of That!
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