Test Taking

  1. When two responses look alike in a multiple choice question
    usually one answer is correct and the other is incorrect
  2. When guessing answers to multiple choice questions
    choose the option with words that sound familiar
  3. When answering essay questions, it is important to understand the
    direction words.
  4. The best way to deal with test anxiety is to
    be well-prepared and practice relaxation techniques
  5. For open book tests
    it is important to be familiar with the material so that you understand it and can find it easily.
  6. When the test is returned
    learn from your mistakes and use them for feedback on your study techniques
  7. If you are anxious about tests, it not a good idea to
    do the hard questions first
  8. If you are anxious about taking math, it probably not a good idea to
    take math your last semester in college
  9. Whether taking a test, building a house or designing a business plan, begin with good
  10. A powerful memory technique involves distributing the practice.  To distribute the practice:
    begin early, break the material into small parts and review frequently
  11. To predict the test questions
    turn bold heading in the text into a question.
  12. A decoy is a
    wrong answer
  13. If you have a test question with absolute words (such as never, none, or always), the statement is probably
  14. If you have a test question with the words like sometimes, usually, often or generally, the statement is probably
  15. If any part of a true/false statement is false, the whole thing is false
  16. Preparation for exams begins when the professor announces the test
  17. When multiple choice answers contain numbers as answers
    the correct answer is likely to be in the middle range
  18. For math tests, it is important to
    break the problem into steps.budget your time..answer the easy questions first.
  19. When answering essay questions, the first sentence in your answer should
    answer the question directly and repeat part of the question in the answer
  20. Disadvantages of cramming include
    you will increase test anxiety.you will learn to dislike education.Your performance will suffer.
  21. If you have to "cram" for a test, the most important emergency procedure is to:
    be selective and focus on the main points in the text and notes.
  22. Minimize your test anxiety by
    being well-prepared and practicing memory techniques
  23. In the English language, a double negative equals a
    positive statement.
  24. When answering a multiple choice question
    choose the best or most complete alternative.
  25. Absolute qualifiers always make the test question false.
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