Study Skills

  1. Reciting or reviewing the information in your notes helps you to
    store the information in long-term memory
  2. The best way to stay awake during a lecture is to
    Take notes
  3. The best time to review your notes is
    as soon as possible, preferably within 20 minutes of taking the notes
  4. One of the suggested "Keys to Success" is "Be Selective."  This means
    simplify your life by selecting what is important
  5. Improve your listening skills by
    reviewing the material before class
  6. To separate important ideas in your Cornell format notes
    just use spaces and indentations
  7. A good idea for taking notes is
    use a three ring binder and loose leaf paper or your laptop
  8. The most important reason to take notes is to
  9. Mind mapping is suggested for:
    visual learners
  10. In note taking, signal words
    help you to identify key ideas and organize them in your notes.
  11. If you have writer's block, it is helpful to
    do a short, focused brainstorming session
  12. If you are anxious about public speaking, it is helpful to
    realize that you do not have to be perfect.
  13. To remember the important points in your notes, it is very important to:
    review them
  14. Almost half of what we hear is lost within the first 20 minutes
  15. It is important to write down everything the professor says
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