Finance CDC's Book 1 Vol.2

  1. Which of the following transactions would  not be considered an accession transaction type?
    Complete Accession
  2. Why would 30 daysnot be an acceptable timeframe to set up a Case Management System (CMS) case if the MPF is unable to submit or get the accession transaction to process after a member's arrival?
    Required to be established within 14 workdays
  3. How many days before the member's departure can the losing FSO submit the SH03?
  4. You must foward what files that require adjudication to the gaining base for all members departing your base?
  5. You are required to accelerate any open advance housing allowance debts for all members departing you station to ensure collection by the
    end of tour
  6. What housing allowance stops while performing temporary duty enroute to a new station and when does it stop?
    Single rate, 31st day
  7. All these events take place on the MMPA when the SH03 is processed except the
    status code changes from H to A
  8. When is the SG03 input?
    Within 5 duty days after voucher is received
  9. What actions do you take after receiving the UH management notice?
    Verify all days during the PCS and process an SG05, if needed
  10. Who is the only person that can place a member in confinement?
    Squadron commander
  11. Which entitlements are suspended if a member is confined as a civil witness?
    No effect on the MMPA
  12. The first page of a reject listing shows the rejected transaction and the
    three-digit error code
  13. Certain transactions that cannot be processed by the DFAS-DE computer without outside help are identified with error code
  14. What is the max number of leave days that a member can typically carry foward into a new enlistment period?
  15. Which type of leave is charged against a member's leave account?
  16. Who has the authority to approve convalescentleave for a military member?
    Unit commander
  17. If Part I of theleave form is processed after the projected return date, the transaction posts as
    a completed leave
  18. Which suspense entry is created in the memorandum field of the MMPA when DJMS receives a leave transaction befor the start date of the leave?
  19. How is the member's leave charged for the time to make permissive PCS move?
    Computer generated from the SG03 transaction
  20. Which statement best describes a member eligible for a Zone B reenlistment?
    SrA whith seven years service
  21. What part of a selective reenlistment bonus (SRB) is recouped due to involuntary separation?
    Only the unearned portion
  22. If the N7 entry is not on the pay record ten days before separation, process the
  23. All requests for PCS advance pay for A1C and below must be approved by the
    unit commander
  24. The member's commander must approve PCS advance pay repayment for all of the following except for a
    12-month repayment period
  25. Who approves advance-housing allowance?
    Unit commander only
  26. The maximum amount you can pay for a partial payment is
    net pay through the date of request
  27. What type of payment would be made for a member who is not assigned to your accounting and disbursing station number (ADSN)?
  28. What action would you take in the first step of computing partial pay?
    Look at the member's LES
  29. Which budget programsare reported on the MP-19-173, MAFR Reconciliation Report?
  30. Which section of the MP-19-173 MAFR Reconciliation Report shows all military pay payments and collection input to DJMS?
    Section 1, Voucher Data
  31. A death gratuity is payable to eligible beneficiaries in which order?
    Spouse, children, any designated beneficiary
  32. Proceed time is granted to members moving to or from what type of tour and is  considered as what type of leave?
    Unaccompanied; nonchargeable
  33. When a member uses a transportation request (TR) to make a CONUS PCS move with no authorized delays en route, what locality rate is used for the day of arrival at the new permanent duty station (PDS)?
    Gaining base rate
  34. A gov't TR and military transportation authorization (MTA) are both available; however, dependents elect to travel at personal expense for transoceanic travel. Their entitlements will be the actual cost NTE which of the following?
    Lesser of the TR or MTA cost
  35. How often may student dependents travel to the member's overseas duty location?
    Once each fiscal year
  36. A member serving an in-place consecutive overseas tour (accompanied to unaccompanied)is entitled to station allowanceson behalf of the dependents if
    approved by the SAF
  37. When delivering a privatly owned vehicle for shipping at gov't expense, what rate of monetary allowances in lieu of transportation (MALT) is paid when a member travels to the passenger port first, then proceeds to the vehicle port?
    PCS and TDY
  38. When traveling by privately owned vehicle from the port of debarkation (POD) to the new PDS, pay
    MALT Plus for the allowable travel
  39. Except when additional time is authorized or apporved, members have how many days to complete separation travel?
  40. To receive travel entitlements, how many months after the retirement date does the member have to complete retirement travel?
  41. What should you do if you receive a retirement travel settlement voucher that shows the member departed the permanent duty station more than one day before the date of retirement?
    Check to see if leave was properly charged.
  42. To compute the allowable travel time when an employee uses a privately owned conveyance, you divide the official distance by
    350 miles
  43. For permanent change of station travel of employees, you reimburse the actual cost of the lodging NTE the
    standard CONUS rate
  44. Foreign Transfer Allowance Subsistence Expense (FTASE) is given to employees for all of the following items except
  45. The max amount of days including travel time that are authorized for house hunting is
  46. What locality rate is used to limit the per diem while an employee is at the new PDS on a house-hunting trip?
    Standard CONUS rate
  47. The fixed rate reimbursment for house hunting is computed by multiplying the applicable locality rate by what number if the employee and spouse perform the trip together?
  48. Which real estate expense is not reimbursable to an employee during a permanent change of station move?
    Broker's fees for buying a home at the new PDS
  49. When a civilian employee makes a PCS move and sells a house at the old permanets duty station, the amount claimed for reimbursement of real estate expenses is limited to what percentage of the selling price?
  50. A PCS civilian employee buys a house at the new PDS and claims reimbursement for real estate expenses incurred; reimbursement is limited to what percentage of the purchase price?
  51. How many consecutive days are temporary quarters subsistence expence (TQSE) initially authorized at the NPDS?
  52. What percentage of the standard CONUS rate of per diem is used to compute the temporary quarters subsistence expense entitlement for the member for the second 30 days?
  53. Under the fixed rate concept of temporary quarters subsistence expense, when is an employee required to submit receipts to validate the claim?
    Receipts are not required
  54. What rate of per diem do you use to compute fixed temporary quarters subsistence expense?
    Maximum locality
  55. For miscellaneous expense allowance, which of these is an authorized reimbursable item to an employee in connection with relocating a residence during a PCS move?
    Cutting and fitting rugs, draperies, and curtains moved from one residence to another
  56. What is the minimum miscellaneous expense allowance that an employee with dependents is authorized to receive in connection with a PCS move?
    $1,000 or two week's basic compensation, whichever is less
  57. Which employess are authorized to receive relocation income tax allowance?
    Employees assigned to a new MAJCOM
  58. Which of the following employee moving expenses are not taxable during a PCS move?
    Temporary storage of household goods
  59. What form replaces orders for local moves?
    AF Form 150, Drayage/Storage Authorization-Government Quarters
  60. Transportaion entitlements for command sponsored dependents during an evacuation are identical to a permanent change of station move including
    dislocation allowance
  61. What percentae of per diem is payable for evacuated dependents 12 years and older for the first 30 days at the safe haven?
  62. If possible, what hours of the day should not be included in a constructive schedule?
    2400 to 0600
  63. Permissive travel time for TDY is given to members who perform duty in excess of how many days or more?
  64. Travel status during a temporary duty does not apply during
    excess travel time
  65. What locality rate do you use for overseas travel when a civilian stays at a location that is not listed in Joint Travel Regulation (JTR), Volume 2, Appendix A?
    Other rate for the applicable country
  66. What is the per diem limit a military member can be paid for a TDY of less than 12 hours if meals were purchased?
  67. When a member uses a privately owned vehicle (POV) to travel from home to a local airport for temporary duty, what is the mileage allowance in lieu of transportation (MALT) limited to for terminal travel?
    Constructive cost of a taxi
  68. Which individual is authorized reimbursement of baggage tips when they incur a baggage transfer fee for personal baggage under the specified condition?
    Military member at the airport
  69. Deduct per diem for any meal provided in a registration fee if the meal was
  70. Reservists performing an annual tour receive no per diem or actual expense allowance (AEA) when government mess
    and quarters are available
  71. When does the per diem entitlement terminate, when a reservist is ordered to active duty for less than 20 weeks, but has theTDY extended beyond the 20 weeks?
    On the date of the amendment extending the TDY
  72. Which organization gives the Deputy Disbursing Officers (DDO) the authority to hold cash?
  73. Which month does a Deputy Disbursing Officer's approved cash authority become effective?
    April and October
  74. Treasury regulations require verification of all cash balances held outside the treasury at least how often?
  75. Which mobility product provides a description for which a Unit Type Code (UTC) is used?
    Logistics Detail
  76. Multiple unit type codes grouped together into larger capabilities are known as what?
    Force modules
  77. The individual who is appointed to make military payments, travel payments, and provide accommodation transactions for a specific period of time is the
    paying agent
  78. Which of the following examples describe best a member authorized to make a reverse accomodation exchange?
    Air Force SSgt departing the site in two days
  79. How does a disbursing officer ensure cashiers have working knowledge of cashier operations and possess unquestionable integrity?
    Through thorough background and credit checks
  80. Under normal circumstances, when can an escort assist the agent with carrying funds?
    An escort is not authorized to carry funds
  81. When should a source of funds be identified?
    During initial site survey
  82. How often must you submit SF 1149, Statement of Designated Depositary Account, to the accountable DO?
    Monthly and when closing the account
  83. What is the primary purpose of a Limited Depository Account?
    Pay the local vendors in the form of a check when it isn't practical to have large amounts of foreign currency on hand
  84. Military personnel use DD Form 1337, Authorization/Designation for Emergency Pay and Allowance, to authorize payment of emergency funds inthe event of an evacutation to
    Command and noncomand sponsored dependents
  85. The amount of advance pay authorized by the sponsor to be paid to the primary family member is
    up to two months of basic pay
  86. What is the last day of chargeable emergency leave if the member returns to the temporary duty location?
    Day before embarkation
  87. When do you fund an emergency leave order using an AF Form 616, Fund Cite Authorization?
    Only if the member is returning to the TDY point
  88. What is the first step to accomplish when you receive an AF Form 9?
    Validate legality by reviewing AFI 65-601, Volume 1, chapters 4 and 10
  89. What do amounts cited on the AF Form 616 represent?
    Targets only
  90. How long are funds on an AF Form 616 available?
    A specific time
  91. Which statement is not an acceptable means of currency destruction during an emergency?
    Scatter coins in shallow water
  92. If the certifying officer or disbursing officer denies a travel claim, to whom does the base-level DO submit the Doubtful Claim?
  93. To whom does the dusbursing officer refer doubtful contract claims for assistance in developing the claim?
    Contracting officer
  94. How do you view the entire documents after the EIM Document Viewer screen opens?
    Use the scroll bars
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