Ethics of Paralegal Chapter 1

  1. Practical skills
    The ability to put theory into practice by performing the tasks necessary to achieve a desired result.
  2. Certification
    The recognition of the attainment of a degree of academic and practical knowledge by a professional.
  3. Certificated
    Describing a person who has completed a certain course of study and thus earned a certificate from the issuing institution.
  4. Licensure
    The requirement of governmental approval before a person can practice a specific profession.
  5. Under the supervision of an attorney
    A term used to describe the work of a paralegal,which must be assigned, reviewed and approved by a responsible attorney who takes responsibility for the content of the work.
  6. Access to justice
    The full opportunity of all persons to use all the legal resources available to the public, without regard for their ability to pay or knowledge of the legal system or experience in dealing with lawyers.
  7. Ethical sanctions
    Methods of disciplining attorneys who commit a breach of the ethical code of conduct.
  8. Private reprimand
    The minimum censure for an attorney who commitsan ethical violation; the attorney is informed privately about a potential violation, but no official entry is made.
  9. Public reprimand
    A published censure of an attorney for an ethical violation.
  10. Probation
    A court-imposed criminal sentence that, subject to stated conditions, releases a convicted person into the community instead of sending the criminal to prison. Or, in the case of discipline if an attorney for unethical conduct, the monitoring of an attorney’s conduct for compliance with ethical rules, sometimes accompanied by additional requirements.
  11. Suspension
    The prohibition of an attorney from practicing law for a specified period of time.
  12. Disbarment
    Temporary suspension or permanent revocation of an individual’s license to practice law.
  13. Moral turpitude
    An act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community.
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Ethics of Paralegal Chapter 1
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