1. Which type of drawings can be used for operating the power system?
    • Distribution Operating Diagrams
    •   - Operating One-Line Diagrams
    •   - DOD's (level IV & V)
    •   - CLD's (level V)
    •   - PY Maps (level IV & V)
    •   - UDD's (level IV & V)
  2. What is the SPR's?
    Rules that govern how woek is done by or for BC Hydro on the power system.
  3. What are current tranformers used for in the system?
    What is the typical range of secondary output from a CT? What is the effect of open circuiting a current transformer secondary?
    CT's are used for metering and protection

    The typical range for a CT is 0-5A

    The result is very high voltage and potentially death
  4. What are potential transformers used for?
    What is the typical range of a secondary output from a PT?
    PT's are used for metering and protection

    The typical range for a PT is 0-120V
  5. What is a tailboard and when must it be held?
    Tailboard is a meeting to discuss the work to be done when there are two or more workers and must be done at the start of work, if the work changes and when the work is complete.
  6. What is a switching order?
    When must a switching order be documented on a switching order form?
    A switching order is a sequence of operations written by a PIC and sent to a field worker to establish conditions for SPG's. If there are 3 or more steps in a sequence a switching order must be issued.
  7. Define Operating Authority
    The right to exercise control over an assigned portion of the power system and to establish conditions for SPG's, LLP's and ANRP's.
  8. Define Operating Responsibility
    The right to exercise control over an assigned portion of the the power system.
  9. Who is the Person In Charge? Define this term
    PIC is a category 6 worker that has both Operating Authority and Operating Responsibility.
  10. Define Isolated?
    The normal forms of hazordous energy have been removed by opening and securing associated switches or establishing a line or bus cut.
  11. Define Secured
    Tagged and/or locked into a position
  12. What is SPR. Define SPR
    Safety Practice Regulations

    The rules that govern how work is done for or by BC hydro on the power system
  13. What is PSSP? Define PSSP
    Power System Safety Protection

    Constraints required to be applied to the power system to provide worker protection from power system hazards during prexcribed work
  14. What is WPP? When is it used
    Worker Protection Practice

    Used in generating stations.
  15. Define Safety Protection Guarantee
    A stated assurance that a piece of equipment is isolated and will remain so.
  16. Name three positive SPG's
    • 1) Clearance
    • 2) Test and Work
    • 3) Self Protection
  17. Name the 7 groups for operating orders _T-00
    • 1 - Policy
    • 2 - Technical
    • 3 - Station
    • 4 - Energy Source
    • 5 - T & D
    • 6 - Emergency
    • 7 - System
  18. A person with Category __ authorization can access a substation.
  19. A person with Category __ can do limited work on the system and receive Protection Extensions.
  20. A Certified Utility Arborist is authorized to Category __?
  21. A person with Category __ authorization can receive SPG's.
  22. PIC must have Category __ authorization.
  23. What levels of equipment are on Transmission?
    Levels I - IV
  24. When a combination of displays forms the mimic display, a caution tag marked _________  __________ with a note referncing one display to the other must be attached.
    PSSP Mimic
  25. Explain what is deemed to be proper Personal Protective Equipment per the SPR's, name at least 3 pieces of PPE.
    Wear all PPE required for the job. Hard hat, steeltoe boots, high visibility vest.
  26. Explain Column 1 Limits of Approach
    Absolute Limits of Approach - must have two or more qualified electricians
  27. Explain Column 2 Limits of Approach
    Normal Limits of Approach - 1 qualified electrician
  28. Explain Column 3 Limits of Approach
    Limits of Approach - Uninsulated equipment operated by qualified workers, Unqualified workers under direct supervision of qualified workers and workers qualified and specially trained and authorized to Columnn 3 Limits
  29. Explain Column 4 Limits of Approach
    Limits of Approach - Unqualified workers and their equipment
  30. Each piece of major equipment on the power system will be identified by a _________ or _________ designation affixed to the equipment.
    numeric or alpha-numeric
  31. Explain why it is important to form an equipotential zone when grounding for work on isolated power system equipment
    To avoid step and touch potential
  32. Define voltage. What are the units of measure?
    Voltage is an electromotive force or potential difference. Measured in Volts (V)
  33. Define current. What are the units of measure?
    Current is the measure of the flow of electrons through a conductor. Measured in Amperes (A)
  34. Define Ohm's Law
    Ohm's Law is a mathematical way to find electrical properties in a circuit
  35. State Kirchoff's voltage Law
    The sum of the voltage drops and the applied voltage in a closed circuit must equal zero
  36. State Kirchoff's current Law
    The algebraic sum of the current entering and exiting a single point in a circuit must equal zero
  37. What is a potentiometer?
    A potentiometer is a device that has a variable resistance
  38. What is a vector?
    A vector is a measure indicating magnitude and direction
  39. What is frequency?
    Frequency is the measure of how many complete cycles have passed in one second. Mesured in Hertz (Hz)
  40. Define power factor
    Power factor is the ratio of true power over apparent power
  41. What is a transformer?
    A transformer is a device used to step-up or step-down current and voltage without changing the frequency
  42. What are the common efficiencies for transformers?
  43. All values of a transformer are proportional to its ______ _____?
    turns ratio
  44. What is the SPR definition of Authorized?
    Approved for work on or access to the power system
  45. What is the SPR definition of energized?
    A hazordous energy like electrical, mechanical, pnuematic, etc that can harm a worker
  46. What is the SPR definition of  Guarantee of No Reclose?
    A guarantee between PIC's that reclosing is off and will remain off
  47. What is a MIMIC display?
    A MIMIC display is a symbolic representation of the current status of the power system.
  48. What is the SPR definition of Guarantee of Isolation?
    A guarantee between PIC's that a conductor will remain isolated
  49. T or F - A Clearance can be issued on the same piece of equipment a Test & Work permit is issued (same isolation points)
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