Biology Chapter 16

  1. Transformation
    a change in genotype and phenotype due to asimilaiton of external DNA by a cell
  2. Experiment: can a gentic trait be transferred between different bacteria?
    Frederick Griffith. Injected living S cells (pathogenic), living R cells (nonpathogenic), heat killed S cells and a mix of heat killed S cells and living R cells. Living S cells and mixed mice died. Concluded living R bacteria was transformed into pathogenic S bacteria
  3. bacteriophage
    viruses that infect bacteria
  4. Experiment: is protein or DNA the genetic material?
    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase used radioactive sulfur and phosphorus to trace the fates of protein and DNA. Results: phage DNA entered bacteria (radioactive labeled DNA was seen inside cell) protein remained outside.
  5. Chargaff's Rule
    The equivalences for any given species between the number of A and T bases and the number of G and C bases
  6. semiconservative model
    replicated double helix consists of one old strand derived from the old molecule and one newly made strand
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