clin chem t4

  1. Griffin beaker
    are graduated but are not accurate for measuring volume, used for holding and mixing solution
  2. Erlenmyer Flask
    narrow neck flat bottom, graduated, not accurate for measuring volume, used for holding and mixing solutions
  3. Volumetric flask
    round bottom, measures on volume only, increased accuracy and increased glass quality
  4. graduated cylinder
    graduated, choose the smalles that will hold the amount
  5. cuvette
    fancy test tube used in spectrophotometry
  6. pasteur pipette
    trasfer pipette, glass with bulb not for measuring
  7. plastic transfer pipette
    plastic disposable not used for measuring
  8. serological pipette
    glass graduated, use with pipette bulb or pump, precise
  9. volumetric Pip
    glass, bulge in middle measure one volume only, most accurate for measuring but expensive
  10. TC
    to contain
  11. TD
    to deliver
  12. automatic pipette
    micro pipette, measures small quantities, measures one volume only usually microliters 1000ul=1ml
  13. centrifuge blood time
  14. centrifuge urine time
  15. wet chem analyzers
    spectrophotometer, measures CSF, TP
  16. Dry Chem. Analyzers
    Vet test meausres glucose, electrolyes, alt, bun, creatinine
  17. automated hemo machines
    CBC autoreader
  18. Wrights stain and dif-quik
    hemo, cytology
  19. NMB
    New methylene blue-hemo, retics, cytology, U/A
  20. Sedi-stain
  21. Gram stain
    micro (bacteria)
  22. lugols ioedine
  23. lactophenol cotton blue
    micro (molds)
  24. why are most blood chemsitrys run on serum? whats the exception?
    to avoid anticoagulant interferance. lithium heparin plasma (green bullets)
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