Accounting 311 Ch 9-10

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  1. The standard price per unit for direct materials:
    a. Can change as a result of a change in the delivery method. b. reflects the quality of material to be purchased.
  2. Material requirements plus allowance for spoilage and an allowance for rejects are added together to determine?
    Standard Quantity of a material input per unit out output
  3. Which is true? a. An allowance for rejects increases the standard quanity per unit of materials. b. The standard quanity for materials rarely includes an allowance for waster and rejects. c. Improvement programs require waster and spolage allowances as benchmarks.
  4. Which of the following would be used in the calculation of a standard price per unit of direct materials? a. shipping costs. b. purchase price of the direct materials, c. purchase discounts, d. allowance for rejects
    purchase price of the direct materials, purchase discounts. (NOT INCLUDED: an allowance for rejects is built into standard quantity, not price)
  5. What is volume variance formula?
    Volume variance = budgeted fixed overhead - fixed overhead applied to work in progress.
  6. What is the difference between the standard fixed overhead and the actual fixed overhead
    Budget variance
  7. what is the standard direct labor-hours per unit of an output includes
    an allowance for cleanup and downtime and the estimated time to complete the unit
  8. An unfavorable material quantity variace is
    occurs when the actual amount of material used is greater than the standard amount of material that is allowed for the actual output of the period.
  9. Practical standards are
    can assist in the identification of abnormal operating conditions and allow for normal machine downtime.
  10. The amount of an input that should have been used to produce the actual output is know as the
    standard quanity or hours allowed.
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