History 1302

  1. What was the attempt
    1.- Attempting to bar women and minorities the vote
  2. Attacks on business that failed
    • 1- The federal reseve Act
    • 2- The clayton Anti-Trust Act
    • 3- The Federal Trade Commision
  3. What the Federal Reserve Act created?
    • 1- the contol credit
    • 2- Banking standards
    • 3- Regualate loans for the first time
    • The Fed made banking easier for business instead of making it attacking big commerce.
  4. What is the  substantianl shift in operation and expansion?
    • 1- Advertising replace scale as a new factor of industrial success.
    • 2- Mass production became the new factor of economic growth
    • 3- The wartime boom brought near full employment and mad ethe US the greatest industrial power on earth.
  5. What Ford brought from old south?
    • 1- Brought Blacks from the old south to man his factories
    • 2-Brought aobut the great migration of blacks in to the norheast, midwest and far western states.
  6. In what positions goverment employed women ?
    1- Clerical positions with greater efficiency that men.
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History 1302
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