1. to have lunch
    almorzar (o:ue)
  2. to close
    cerrar (e:ie)
  3. to begin
    comenzar (e:ie)
  4. to get; to obtain
    conseguir (e:i)
  5. to count; to tell
    contar (o:ue)
  6. to say; to tell
    decir (e:i)
  7. to sleep
    dormir (o:ue)
  8. to begin
    empezar (e:ie)
  9. to find
    econtrar (o:ue)
  10. to understand
    entender (e:ie)
  11. to do; to make
    hacer (irregular yo)
  12. to go
    ir (yo voy, all other endings like ar verbs)
  13. to play
    jugar (u:ue)
  14. to show
    mostrar (o:ue)
  15. to hear

    • Yo oigo Nosotos/as oimos
    • Tu oyes Vosotos/as ois
    • Usted/El/Ella oye Uds/Ellos/Ellas oyen
  16. to ask for; to request
    pedir (e:i)
  17. to think
    pensar (e:ie)
  18. to intend
    pensar (+ inf.) (e:ie)
  19. to think about
    pensar en (e: ie)
  20. to lose; to miss
    perder (e:ie)
  21. to be able to; capable
    poder (o:ue)
  22. to put; place; to turn on (like an appliance or tv)
    poner (yo pongo. Other endings same as er verbs)
  23. to prefer
    preferir (e:ie)
  24. to want; to love
    querer (e:ie)
  25. to remember
    recordar (o:ue)
  26. to repeat
    repetir (e: i)
  27. to leave
    salir (yo salgo. Other endings same as ir verbs)
  28. to follow
    seguir (e:i)
  29. to suppose
    suponer (yo supongo. Other endings same as er verbs)
  30. to bring
    traer (yo traigo. Othr endings same as er verbs)
  31. to see
    ver (yo veo. Other endings same as er verbs)
  32. to return
    volver (o:ue)
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