Urinary System

  1. Albumin/o
  2. bacteri/o
  3. cyst/o
    bladder or sac
  4. dips/o
  5. glomerul/o
  6. gluc/o
  7. ket/o
    ketone bodies
  8. lith/o
  9. meat/o
    meatus or opening
  10. pub/o
    pubic bone
  11. pyel/o
    renal pelvis 
  12. py/o
  13. ureter/o
  14. urethr/o
  15. ur/o
  16. Kidneys
    two structures located on each side of the lumbar region
  17. Calyces
    system of ducts carrying urine from the nephrons to the renal pelvis
  18. nephron 
    microscopic functional units of the kideny comprised of kideny cells and capillaries
  19. glomerulus
    little ball shaped cluster of capillaries located at the top of each nephron
  20. Bowman's capsule
    top part of the nephron that encloses the glomerulus
  21. renal tubule
    stem portion of the nephron
  22. ureter
    tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder
  23. renal pelvis
    basin-like portion of the ureter within the kideny
  24. ureteropelvic junction 
    point of connection between the renal pelvis and ureter
  25. urinary bladder
    sac that holds the urine
  26. urethra
    single canal that carries urine to the outside of the body
  27. urethral meatus
    opening in the urethra to the outside of the body
  28. urine 
    fluid produced by the kidnesy
  29. urea
    waste product formed in the liver
  30. creatinine
    waste product of muscle matabolism filteres out of the blood by the kidneys and excreted in urine
  31. albuminuria
    presence of albumin/protein in the urine
  32. anuria
    absence of urine formation
  33. bacteriuria
    presence of bacteria in the urine
  34. dysuria
    painful urination
  35. enuresis
    lack of bladder control 
  36. hematuria
    preseence of blood in the urine
  37. glucosuria
    glucose in the urine
  38. incontinence
    involuntary discharge of urine or feces
  39. ketonuria
    presence of ketone bodies in the urine
  40. nocturia
    urination at night
  41. oliguria
    scanty production of urine
  42. polyuria
    condition of excessive urination
  43. pyuria
    presence of white cells in the urine
  44. urinary retention
    retention of urine owing to the inability to void naturally becasue of spasm
  45. Adult polycycstic kidney disease
    inherited condition of multiple cysts that gradually form in the kidney causing destruction of normal tissue
  46. glomerulonephritis
    form of nephritis involving th eglomerulus
  47. hydronephrosis
    dilation and pooling of urine  in the renal pelvis
  48. nephritis
    inflammation of the kidney
  49. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  50. nephrosis
    degenerative disease of the renal tubules
  51. nephrolithiasis
    presence of renal stone or stones caused by mineral buildup in the kidneys 
  52. cystitis
    inflammation of the bladder
  53. urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  54. urethrocystitis 
    inflammation of the urethra and bladder
  55. urethral stenosis
    narrowed condition of the urethra
  56. urinary tract infection
    bacteria in the urinary tract
  57. uremia
    excess of urea and other nitrogenous waste in the blood as a result of kideny failure
  58. cystocopy
    examination of the bladder using a rigid or flexible cystoscope
  59. kidney biopsy
    removal of kideny tissue for pathological examination
  60. intravenous pyelogram
    xrays of the urinary tract taken after iodine is injected and passes through the kidney - first a xray is taken as a baseline
  61. scout film
    plain xray taken to detect any obvious pathology before further imaging 
  62. renal angiogram
    xray of the renal artery made after injection contrast
  63. retrograde pyelogram
    xray o fthe upper urinary tract taken after contrast 
  64. voiding cystourethrogram
    xray of the bladder and urethra taken during urination
  65. abdominal sonomgram
    ultrasound image of the urinary tract 
  66. urinalysis
    physical chemical and microscopic examination of urine
  67. specific gravity
    measure of the kidneys ability to concentrate or dilute urine
  68. bilirubin 
    chemical test to detect bile pigment in the urine
  69. urine culture and sensitivity 
    isolation of a urine specimen in a culture medium that propagates the growth of microorganisms
  70. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen blood test to determine the level of urea in the blood
  71. urologic endoscopic surgery
    use of specialized endoscopes within the urinary tract to perform various surgical procedures
  72. nephrotomy 
    incision into the kidney
  73. nephrorrhapy
    suture of an injured kidney
  74. nephrolithotomy
    incision into the kidney for removal of stones 
  75. nephrectomy
    excision of kidney
  76. pyeloplasty 
    surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis
  77. urinary diversion 
    creation of a temporary or permanent diversion of the urinary tract to provide a new passage
  78. orthotopic bladder
    bladder constructed from portions of intestine connected to the urethra allowing "natural" voiding
  79. hemodialysis
    method to remove impuritites by pumping the patients blood through a dialyzer
  80. kidney dialysis
    methods of iltering impurities fromt he blood to replace the function
  81. peritoneal dialysis
    method of removing impurities using the peritoneum as the filter
  82. foley catheter
    indwelling catheter inserted through the urethra into the bladder
  83. suprapubic catheter
    indwelling catheter inserted directly into the bladder through an abdominal incision above the pubic bone 
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