1. Purpose of the reactor core
    produce 3990 MW of thermal power
  2. Major Components of the reactor core
    • 241 fuel assemblies
    • 89 control element assemblies
  3. Major components of fuel assemblies
    • Fuel spacer grids (11 per assembly)
    • Upper end fitting
    • holddown plate
    • lower end fitting
    • Guide tubes (5 per assembly)
    • Fuel rods (236 per assembly)
    • Burnable poison rods (0, 12, or 16 per selected assembly)
    • Outer guide tubes, spacer grids, and end fittings from the structural frame of the assembly
  4. Purpose of the reactor coolant system (3)
    • Transfer thermal energy from the reactor core to the steam generator
    • To serve as the secondary barrier to the release of fission products from the reactor core to the environs
    • To provide sufficient core cooling during all normal plant evolutions and expected transients to preclude significant fuel damage.
  5. Major components of the reactor coolant system
    • Reactor Vessel
    • Two parallel heat transfer loops - Each loop contains one steam generator andĀ  two reactor coolant pumps
    • Pressurizer - connected to loop 1 hotleg of the reactor vessel outlet pipes
    • Piping
    • Safety valves
    • Intrumentation
  6. Purpose of the pressurizer (3)
    • Maintain Reactor Coolant System in the subcooled condition
    • Act as a surge volume to minimize pressure changes during load transients
    • Ensure primary system integrity by preventing overpressurization
  7. Function and summary of steam generator
    • Transfer 4013 MWT from the RCS to the secondary system
    • ProducesĀ about 18*106 lb/hr of 1031 psia saturated steam when provided feedwater at 450 degrees F
    • Vertical U-tube heat exchanger
    • Primary chamber located at the bottom
  8. Purpose of vertical U-tube heat exchanger
    To transfer heat from reactor coolant to the main steam system
  9. Location and purpose of the primary chamber
    • Located at the bottom of the steam generator
    • Form part of the RCS pressure boundary
    • Directs reactor coolant flow through the steam generator
  10. Details of primary chamber
    Divided into two plenums (inlet and outlet) by divider plate and staytube
  11. What does the containment building house?
    • Steam generators
    • Reactor
    • Primary piping
  12. What does the auxilary building house?
    Equipment to maintain the volume and chemical composition of the primary system coolant
  13. Purpose of the fuel building
    • Fuel prep and storage prior to use
    • Storing and cooling of spent fuel
  14. What are the contents of the radwast building?
    Systems to monitor, serparate, and package the release of radionuclides
  15. Contents of control building
    • Control room
    • Instumentation
    • Cabling
    • Cintrol reated support equipment
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