CH 15: Part III

  1. Urine culture & sensiticity ( C&S)
    propogate the grown of microorganisms from urine, identify them, find drugs they are sensitive to
  2. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    • blood test to determine the level of urea in the blood
    • high BUN=inability of kidney to extrete urea
  3. creatinine, serum
    test to determine level of creatinine in blood-to assess kidney function
  4. creatinine, urine
    test to determine level of creatinine in the urine
  5. creatinine clearance testing
    measuring the level of creatinine in the blood and urine to- then determining the rate that it is cleared from the blood by the kidneys
  6. intracorporeal lithotripsy
    method of destroying stones within the urinary tract using electrical energy discharges by an endoscope
  7. nephrotomy
    incision into the kidney
  8. nephrorrhaphy
    suture of a kidney
  9. nephrolithotomy
    incision into the kidney to remove stones
  10. nephrorectomy
    excision of a kidney
  11. pyeloplasty
    surgical reonstruction/repair of the renal pelvis
  12. stent placement
    a device to hold open vessels or tubes (in Kidney, ex: ureter)
  13. kidney transplantation
    renal transplantation
    transfer of kidneyfrom the body of one person to another
  14. urinary diversion
    creation of a temporary or permanent diversion of the urinary tract to provide a new passage for urine to exit the body
  15. noncontinent ileal conduit
    using a portion of the ileum as a conduit which the ureters attach to, this is then brought to an opening through the abdomen to drain the urine
  16. continent urostomy
    • internal pouch constructed to collect pee using a segment of the intestines-empties through abdominal wall
    • valve is created to prevent leakage-emptied by catheterization
  17. orthotopic bladder (neobladder)
    bladder constructed from portion of the intestine-attached to urethra-allows natural voiding of urine
  18. extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)
    using ultrasound to disinigrate a stone within
  19. kidney dialysis
    filtering impurities from the blood when one or both kidneys fail
  20. hemodialysis
    removing impurities by pumping blood through a dialyzer (the "filter" of the aritificial kidney machine)
  21. peritoneal dialysis
    removing impurities using the peritoneum as a filter
  22. Kegel exercises
    • strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor
    • maintains proper organ placement and continence
  23. urinary catheterization
    • placing a tube into the bladder to drain/collect urine
    • 3 types
  24. straight catheter
    • inserted through the urethra into the bladder
    • removed afterwards
  25. Foley catheter
    • indwelling catheter inserted through the urethra into bladder
    • urine drains into a bag which can remain for an extended time
  26. suprapubic catheter
    • indwelling catheter inserted directly into the bladder through an abdominal incision above the pubic bone
    • urine drains into a bag-long term
  27. analgesic
    drug that relieves pain
  28. antibiotic
    kills/inhibits growth of microorganisms
  29. antispasmodic
    relieves spasm
  30. diuretic
    increases urine secretion
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