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  1. acumen
    (n) quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgement or insight
  2. adroit
    (adj) dexterous; deft
  3. ascertain
    (v) to find out, as through investigation or experimentation
  4. astute
    (adj) shrewd, clever
  5. circumspect
    (adj) careful; prudent; discreet
  6. disseminate
    (v) to scatter widely, as in sowing seed
  7. erudation
    (n) deep, extensive learning
  8. pedantic
    (adj) excessively concerned with book learning and formal rules
  9. perspicacious
    (adj) shrewed; clear sighted
  10. pragmatic
    (adj) practical
  11. precocious
    (adj) exhibiting unusually early intellectual aptitude or maturity
  12. prolific
    (adj) very productive; producing great qualities
  13. prospectus
    (n) formal proposal
  14. rudimentary
    (adj) basic, elementary
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