Business Vocabulary

  1. Liquidity

    The degree to which an asset can be bought or sold in the market without affecting the asset price
  2. Perpetuity

    A constant stream of identical cashflows with no end
  3. Annuity

    Terminating stream of fixed payments over a specific period of time
  4. Stochastic
    A system whose behavior is intrinsically non-deterministic (random)
  5. Ediface

    • 1. An elaborate conceptual structure
    • 2. A building, expecially one of imposing appearance or size
  6. Over the Transom

    An event without solicitation or prior agreement
  7. Proliferation

    Rapid, and often excessive, spread or increase
  8. Constant Returns to Scale
    A point in production at which a +1 input of change is equal to +1 output of change
  9. Point of Diminishing Returns
    +1 unit input change = declining output
  10. Amalgamate

    To blend, unite, or combine
  11. Anti-Trust

    Opposing or intending to restrain trusts, or monopolies or other large combinations of business & capital
  12. Capitulation

    1. The act of surrendering

    2. Terms or articles of agreement between two goverments
  13. International Monetary Fund

    Organization that promotes global monetary & exchange stability, facilitates balanced growth of international trade
  14. Central Bank

    Oversees national monetary policy, issues currency, is the Bank of the Goverment, manages exchange reserves
  15. Intramural
    Being or occuring within the limits of a community, organization or institution
  16. Winnowed

    (trans verb)
    To seperate or sift

    • "Winnowing what is true & significant"
    • "Winnow out certain inaccuracies"
  17. Sisyphean

    Suggestive of the labor of sisyphus

    Sisyphus - doomed to roll a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down for eternity
  18. Coffers

    Treasury or funds
  19. Imperiled

    Bring into peril
  20. Gentrified
    Process of renewel / rebuilding accompanied by influx of middle class and displacing lower class
  21. Languish

    (trans verb)
    To become feeble, weak or enervated
  22. Red Herring - (In Business)
    In a preliminary registration statement filed with SEC describing issuance of new stock, red herring is text in red describing amount of stock to be issued
  23. Red Herring

    Something that distracts attention from the real issue
  24. Green Shoe - (Business)

    Provision in underwriters agreement allowing additional shares to be sold to smooth price fluctuations druing an IPO
  25. Provenance

    Origin or source, history of ownership of a valued object
  26. Raison D'etre

    Reason or justification for somethings or someone's existance

    ray-son de-tra
  27. Cadre

    A group of people having some unifying relationship
  28. Tepid

    1. Moderatly warm

    2. Marked by an absence of enthusiasm or convition
  29. Olfaction

    The sense or act of smelling
  30. Imprimatur

    To sanction or approve

    "could not begin without CEO's imprimatur"

  31. Malfeasance

    Wrong doing or misconduct especially by a public official

  32. Meaculpa

    A formal acknowledgement of personal fault or error

    "His public meaculpa did not satisfy"
  33. Operating Income
    Earnings before interest & taxes

    Gross Income (Rev- COGS) - Operating Expense (Dep, Rent, Utilities)
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