1. Diaspora
    rather then being confined to a single geographic location, its people and their traditions are dispersed beyond the boundraies of the region
  2. silk road
    • the trade route that connected asia, arabia and europe
    • China to morocco
  3. Takht
    • arabian ensemble
    • instrumentation: ud, buzuq, nay, qanun, daff/riqq
    • play the same melodie but not in unison
    • some add ornimentaion
    • others leave notes out
    • Tremolos from the ud buzuq and qanun
    • grace note pickups
    • leaps
    • trills
    • turns
  4. ud
    • short necked lute in arabian music
    • 11 strings
    • generally tuned in 4ths
  5. Buzuq
    • Long necked flute in Arabian music
    • 24 moveable frets
    • 2 sets of strings in triple courses C and G.
  6. Nay
    • reed flute
    • blown obliquely at an angle
  7. qanun
    a zither with seventy five strings in triple courses witha series of small tuning levers that allow the strings to be retuned in the course of performance.
  8. riqq/daff
    arabian tamburine 
  9. unison
    playing the same thing at the same time
  10. tremolo
    • evenly paced double or quadruple picking
    • fast picking up and down on a string
  11. gracenote pickup
    playing the note above or below quickly before landing on the main note.
  12. octave leap
    jumping up or down an octave
  13. trills
    ascillations between 2 adjacent notes
  14. turns
    ornaments including a note above or below the main note.
  15. heterophonic
    when 2 or more voices elaborate the same melody in different ways at roughly the same time
  16. ostinato
    repetitive pattern
  17. taqasim
    arabian improvisation
  18. maqam
    • a music note or scale
    • pursian, greek, turkish
    • melodic content, place, location, rank, techique of improvisation
    • over 70
    • each exspresses a spacific emotion
  19. Bayyati
    a maqam that begins on G
  20. cadentioal phrase
    • concluding musical statement
    • qafla
  21. vamp
    rhythmic or melodic ostinato
  22. tarab
    energized audiences during performances
  23. Azan
    • a call to prayer
    • heard 5 times a day
    • not concidered music BUT it is musical
    • a Proclomation
  24. Judaism/ Chritianity/ Islam
    all monotheistic religions all originating from the same location
  25. muezzin
    callers who broadcast the Azan 5 times a day from mosques.
  26. Ghunna
    the nasal timbre of arabic singing
  27. Qur'an
    • the arabic ancient religius text 
    • recited in a specific way
    • sounds like music but is not called so
    • recitation
    • word of god
  28. Rast
    a maqam
  29. Torah
    teachings in the hebrew bible
  30. hadith
    •  the traditions of the prophet Muhammed that were preserved in the statements of his closest compamions adn eventually recorded in writing.
    • provides an important source of guidance in matters of everday life
    • like the Qur'an
  31. Magrib
    • Where the sun sets
    • North Africa: Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.
  32. Mashriq
    • where the sun rises
    • Egypt and Sudan
    • Concidered part of the eastern arab world
  33. The Sephards
    Jews from spain
  34. Ladino
    early spanish language that sephards used to sing repratories of sung poetry.
  35. Rebec, Vielle, Kamenj
    Bowed mideval and Mediterranean lutes
  36. Flamenco
    • arab andaluian influence
    • dance
  37. rebab
    1 or 2 stringed spiked skin coverd fiddle
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