Ramont Ch. 23 Vocab

  1. Hemostasis
    the stopping of blood flow
  2. phagocytosis
    ingestion and destruction of microorganisms by white blood cells called phagocytes
  3. granulation tissue
    translucent red tissue that covers a wound
  4. eschar
    scare tissue
  5. serosanguineous
    blood tinged
  6. keliod
    hypertrophic (progressively enlarging) scar
  7. exudate
    material that escapes the blood vessels during the inflammatory process and is pocketed and settled onto and on top of tissue and or tissue surfaces
  8. serous
    exudates that consists of serum from the blood
  9. supporation
    the process of pus formation
  10. sanguineous
    hemorrhagic; consisting of large red blood cells
  11. hemorrhage
    persistant bleeding
  12. dehiscence
    patial or total rupturing of a sutured wound
  13. evisceration
    protrusion of internal viscera and tissue because of an incision
  14. fistulas
    abnormal passage between a hollow organ and a skin or between two hollow organs
  15. sitz bath
    therapeutic bath for soking a clients pelvic area
  16. pressure ulcers
    decubitus ulcers, pressure sores, or bedsores; lesions caused by unrelieved pressure that results in damage to underlying tissue
  17. ischemia
    lack of blood supply to tissues and organs due to obstructed circulation
  18. reactive hyperemia
    skin takes on bright red flushed color when pressure is relieved
  19. friction
    force acting parallel to the skin surface
  20. shearing force
    combination of friction and pressure
  21. maceration
    softening of tissue by prolonged wetting
  22. debride
    removal of necrotic material
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