1. 3 Little Pigs (Gastropub)
    Smoked mini sausage with spicy mustard, crispy pork belly with sweet and spicy sauce, cured pork loin with marinated cherries
  2. Chicken Liver Pate (Gastropub)
    Served in mini mason jar with blackberry jam layered on top with crispy shallots, and brioche toast on side
  3. Mary's Little Lamb (Gastropub)
    Lamb sausages stuffed with feta and pine nuts, served with pickled candy striped beets, crispy fried chickpeas, and balsamic eggplant jam
  4. Garde Manger (Gastropub)
    Chicken galantine with raisin demi, pork terrine with apple compote (similar to pate with with fine puree of fruit), country pate with whole grain mustard and gherkins pickles (small and sweet pickles)
  5. Maple Dusted Sweet Potato Chips (Gastropub)
    Fried sweet potato chips seasoned with Michigan maple powder, cayenne, mustard powder, and salt
  6. Summer Salad (Gastropub and Lunch)
    Avocado stuffed yellow pear tomoato, tempura friend cilantro, cucumber, balsamic reduction (when balsamic is slowly cooked on stovetop, some of the liquid is cooked off, leaving behind a syrup), California extra virgin olive oil. Romaine mixed with basil oil.
  7. Oysters on the Half Shell *Available in 3 or 6* (Gastropub and Dinner)
    Malaspina oyster (a sweet, if mild, oyster with distinct watermelon-rind aroma), scoop of cantaloupe sorbet, chive garnish, (tobasco hot sauce upon request), served on crushed ice
  8. Roasted Marrow (Gastropub)
    Roasted marrow veal bones served with lemon herb bread crumbs, marinated cherries, garnished with sea salt, served with grilled sourdough
  9. Crispy Hong Kong Pork (Gastropub)
    Traditional wok fried pork belly served with a soy based spicy sauce, garnished with green onion
  10. Gastronomy Haute Dog (Gastropub)
    Pork hot dog, house made hot dog bun, house made accompaniments, served on side: pickled jalapeno, sweet relish, ballpark mustard, chipotle ketchup
  11. Spicy Cashew Brittle (Gastropub)
    Hard candy pieces with cashews and cayenne pepper
  12. Maple Bacon Marshmallows (Gastropub)
    Cinnamon and candied bacon pieces folded into homemade maple marshmallow
  13. "Clover Club" Edible Cocktail (Gastropub)
    Soft meringue (made from whipped egg whites and sugar) filled with lemon sorbet, floating on raspberry sauce, topped with juniper foam, garnished with fresh raspberries
  14. Stout Float (Gastropub)
    Scoop of vanilla ice cream in a small glass of chocolate stout with peanut butter chocolate chip pretzel cookies
  15. Detroit Blues (Lunch-Cold Kitchen)
    Cherry tomato, crumbled point reyes blue cheese (California blue cheese), crispy shallot, warm crispy braised pork bellly, curvy endive, spinach, mustard vinaigrette, soft poached egg
  16. Compressed Watermelon (Lunch-Cold Kitchen)
    Compressed watermelon (vacuum sealed until dense and marinate with a little jalapeno syrup), house made feta, fresh arugala, cucumber, roasted jalapeno vinaigrette (not that spicy)
  17. Gastronomy Garden (Lunch-Cold Kitchen)
    Fresh picked Gastronomy garden herbs, candied fresh carrot, oven dried tomato, brioche stuffed with hombolt fog cheese mousse (goat cheese from California), petite greens, snap peas, basal infused oil, balsamic reduction
  18. Sweet Stuff (Lunch-Cold Kitchen)
    Compressed peeled strawberry, Belgian endive, candied Gastronomy lavender, panko breaded and fried goat cheese, toasted pecans, honey lemon vinaigrette
  19. The Caeser (Lunch-Cold Kitchen)
    Romaine hearts, ceaser dressing, brioche crouton, parmesan tuile
  20. The Baker Tilly (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Griddled red ale beer bread, turkey, corned beef, coleslaw, tillamook cheddar (Oregon), secret sauce
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  21. Turkey Reuben (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • (Also available with corned beef) Griddled marble rye, roasted turkey, apple sauerkraut (Granny Smith and cabbage), Swiss cheese, American "style" Russian dressing
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  22. Roast Beef (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Toasted pumpernickel, rare beef, horseradish sauce, American Swiss, natural jus (dipping sauce)
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  23. Oh Po' Boy (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Soft roll, Maryland lump crab cakes, shredded lettuce, tomato, spicy po' sauce (scallop and shrimp mousseline)
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  24. B.L.T. (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Toasted multigrain sourdough, Gastronomy bacon (can make with turkey or vegetable bacon), tomato, lettuce, tabasco aioli
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  25. Turkey Press (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Panini pressed farm sourdough, roasted turkey, cabot cheddar (Vermont), Granny Smith, honey mustard
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  26. Caprese press (Lunch-Between the Bread)
    • Panini pressed warm naan, house mozzarella, roasted peppers, herb pesto, petite greens, tomato confit
    • *Served with maple dusted sweet potato chips and pickle
  27. Gazpacho (Lunch-Soup)
    Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, crusty bread thickened, high end red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, garnished with sliced cucumber and tomato
  28. Great Lakes Walleye Chowder (Lunch-Soup)
    Bacon, potato, celery, onion, and raw diced walleye are served in a warm bowl.  Hot walleye veloute is poured over tableside.
  29. American Miso (Lunch-Soup)
    Traditional white miso (miso made in USA), soup garnished with kombu (edible kelp), tofu, and scallion
  30. Beef Tenderloin (Grassroots)
    6 oz Chairman's Reserve prime beef tenderloin, "contemporary baked potato" (potato croquette stuffed with tillamook cheddar, green onions, and sour cream), glazed baby vegetables, demi fortified with garden herbs
  31. 48 Hour Chicken (Grassroots-Lunch and Dinner)
    24 hour brined and 24 hour marinated free range Northern Michigan chicken, whipped Yukon gold potatoes, glazed baby carrots and green beans, roasted chicken demi (glace)
  32. Cider Glazed Grilled Salmon (Grassroots-Lunch and Dinner)
    6 oz pave (brick) wild salmon glazed with reduced woodchuck hard cider, quinoa (grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds) tossed in a warm apple cider vinaigrette, green apple horseradish salad tossed in lemon honey vinaigrette, curly endive
  33. Bad Ash Pappardelle (handmade wide noodle pasta- Grassroots)
    House made pappardelle pasta with squid ink (to give black color flavor), oak ash goat cheese cream sauce, garnished with California sevillano olives, and roasted red pepper "black and white pasta"
  34. Urban Apple Tart (Happy Endings)
    Sliced apples in a rich butter crust with cardamom (spice native to the Middle East, North Africa, and Scandinavia...Cardamom has a strong, unique spicy-sweet taste) caramel sauce, ginger ice cream, sprinkled with crushed black pepper, spiced caramel
  35. Flourless Chocolate Cake (Happy Endings)
    Rich chocolate cake (dark chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs), with salted caramel cremeux (similar texture to pudding), chocolate covered kona coffee beans, and vanilla malt whipped cream
  36. Peanut Butter Mousse (Happy Endings)
    Peanut butter mousse on top of a thin layer of chocolate cake, topped with chocolate ganache (glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream) and pretzel streusel, served with caramelized banana slices
  37. Chevre Cheesecake (Happy Endings)
    Cheesecake made with goat cheese, placed on a linzer (hazelnut, lemon zest, cinnamon) cookie, with cherry compote, garnished with fresh thyme
  38. California Roll (Main-sandwiches served by the half)
    Cucumber, imitation crab, avocado, American sushi rice
  39. Michigan Vegetable Roll (Main-sandwiches served by the half)
    Cucumber, carrot, avocado, spicy sauce, American sushi rice
  40. Nasi Goreng (Main-sandwiches served by the half-Indonesia)
    Indonesian fried rice-white rice, diced shrimp, diced chicken breast, sliced green onion, garlic chili paste, sliced red chili, chopped garlic, fried egg, hoisin sauce (Chinese bbq sauce in a sense.  Made from soybean paste, garlic, chilies, and various spices), fish sauce
  41. BBQ Brisquet (Main-sandwiches served by the half)
    Smoked braised beef brisket "Texas style"
  42. B.L.T. (Main-sandwiches served by the half)
    Toasted multigrain sourdough, Gastronomy bacon, tomato, lettuce, tabasco aioli (traditional sauce usually made of garlic, olive oil and typically, egg)
  43. Apple Quinoa (Salad)
    Quinoa tossed in apple cider vinaigrette and fresh herbs
  44. Classic coleslaw (Salad)
  45. Naan Chips with Hummus (Side)
    Toasted naan bread with traditional hummus
  46. Fresh Veggies with Hacienda Sauce (Side)
    Sour cream sauce with a little lime and Mexican spices
  47. Our Naan with Raita Sauce (Side)
    Housemade naan bread with raita sauce (raita is a traditional yogurt based Indian condiment that contains cilantro, mint, cucumber)
  48. Vietnamese Fried Banana (Dessert)
    Flattened bananas dipped in batter and deep fried, with coconut mango sauce, garnished with black sesame seeds
  49. Cookie of the Day (Dessert)
    Sea salt chocolate chip
  50. Fruit Salad (Dessert)
    Mixed fresh fruit
  51. Cupcake (Dessert)
    Chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream
  52. Vegan Brownie (Dessert)
    Cocoa, agave nectar (sweetener-sweeter than honey, less viscous), banana
  53. Tahu isi (Burma)
    Fried stuffed tofu cubes filled with fine julienned carrot, cabbage, sprouts, accompanied with house made sambal (chili based sauce-condiment), peanut sauce, sweet and soy sauce
  54. Singapore Sling (Singapore)
    Gin, cointreau (brand of triple sec), pineapple, lemon, angostura (concentrated bitters consisting of water, alcohol, genetian root, vegetable flavoring extracts)
  55. Pad Thai (Thailand)
    (Stir-fried noodes) rice stick noodles, shrimp, paid thai sauce, fish sauce, chive, thai lime, bean sprout, thai chili powder, chopped peanut
  56. Thai Lime Pie (Thailand)
    Thai lime curd (lime, sugar, eggs, butter cooked to custard-like consistency) on coconut crust, garnished with whipped cream and thai basil
  57. Pho (Vietnam)
    Noodle soup- chicken broth, chicken, rice stick noodles, fresh mint, thai basil, sliced green onion, bean sprouts, lemon leaf, spicy red chili
  58. Choui Chen (Vietnam)
    Fried bananas- flattened bananas dipped in batter and deep fried, with coconut mango dipping sauce, garnished with black sesame seeds
  59. Warm Maryland Lump Crabcake (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    Mousseline based pan seared Maryland lump crabcake, with roasted red pepper coulis (form of thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits), sweet corn relish, jalapeno vinaigrette
  60. Steak and Eggs (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    4 oz sliced strip steak (USDA Prime Chairman's Reserve) cooked to temp, fried soft boiled egg, Southern grits, demi (glaze)
  61. Foie Gras Brulee (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    Bruleed foie gras mousse with pineapple, cocoa nib dust, chili marinated cherries
  62. Chill'n Lobster Layout (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    Chilled lobster tail, studded with thai lime, shrimp, chili infused passion fruit
  63. Air Bread Pizza (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    Leavened cracker dough, house made buffalo mozzarella, stuffed with tomato confit, parmesan dust, tomato blossom, basil oil, fried capers (Inside out pizza concept)
  64. Don't Call Me Ravioli (Ground Breakers-Dinner)
    Corn agnolotti (sweet corn and mascarpone (Italian cheese made from cream, coagulated with citric acid or acetic acid) pasta pillows), English peas, parsnip puree, caramelized apple, warm pancetta vinaigrette
  65. Compressed Watermelon (Dinner-Cold Kitchen)
    Compressed watermelon (vacumm sealed until dense with a little jalapeno), house made feta, roasted jalapeno vinaigrette (not that spicy) no arugala like lunch menu which is like a salad
  66. Eggs and Bacon (Dinner-Cold Kitchen)
    Soft poached chicken egg, bacon lardoons (narrow strips of fatty bacon), green beans, shaved fennel (flavorful herb), toasted pine nuts, baby greens, creamy herb dressing
  67. Spinach Salad (Dinner-Cold Kitchen)
    Dried dates, peeled grapes rolled in prosciutto dust, shaved Mantoro cheese (Michigan made sheep's milk), blood orange vinaigrette
  68. Floridian Snapper (Grassroots-Dinner)
    5.5 oz seared Floridian snapper with crispy skin, tomatoes, diced potato, sliced radish, sweet corn and red pepper aoili
  69. GQ Lobster (Grassroots-Dinner)
    Garlic crayfish broth, yellow tomato, braised artichoke, fennel, crusty bread
  70. New York Strip (Grassroots-Dinner)
    10 oz prime Chairman's Reserve New York Strip, buttermilk whipped Yukon gold potato, peeled jumbo asparagus, wine merchant sauce
  71. Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin (Grassroots-Dinner)
    Bacon wrapped berkshire pork tenderloin, root vegetable puree (turnip, sweet potato, celeriac, rutabaga, parsnip), sauteed apple wedges finished with Armangac (distinctive kind of brandy from southwest France), raisin demi
  72. Seared Scallop (Grassroots-Dinner)
    Sweet corn puree, vanilla tapioca risotto, fried baby artichokes, sweet pepper and bacon jam
  73. BBQ Beef Brisket (Grassroots-Dinner)
    Smoked "Texas style" beef brisket, smothered mustard greens, cornmeal dusted fried white onion slices, classic cole slaw
  74. Almond Financier...Fancy Name for Cake (Happy Endings)
    French cake containing brown butter and ground almonds, with roasted white chocolate mousse (white chocolate is caramelized in the oven), blackberry sauce and vanilla ice cream
  75. Vegetarian/*Vegan
    • *Compressed Watermelon
    • *Gazpacho
    • Sweet Stuff
    • Air Bread Pizza
    • *Tahu Isi
    • *Summer Salad
    • *Cider Glazed Grilled Tempeh (It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form, similar to a very firm vegetarian burger patty)
    • *Vietnamese Pho
    • *Tree Huggers- Hawaiian hearts of palm (tender edible point at the growing tip of the Peach palm) stuffed with marinated eggplant, tomato coulis, melted mozzarella, shaved fennel salad
    • Don't Call Me Ravioli
    • *Vegan Brownie
    • *Compressed Soy Cheesecake
    • *Trio of House Sorbet- Chef choice (one will be tofu based)
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