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  1.   How many classifications of hemophilia exist
  2. What is on demand treatment? 
    Giving treatment when prolonged bleeding occurs
  3. What is preventative treatment?
    Clotting factor is administered to prevent complications from bleeding episodes
  4. What are the two recombinant clotting factors?
    Animal product is added to human albumin as stabilizer, and animal product added to sucrose as stabilizer 
  5. What statement best describes hemophilia? 
    deficiency of blood clotting factors
  6. Endometriosis is most commonly seen in which group
    of people?
    a.    White women
  7. Treatment options for endometriosis include:
    a.    Taking birth control pills
  8. Endometriosis typically affects which age group?
    a.    Women 15 to 50 years of age
  9. Risk factors of endometriosis include:
    A history of pelvic pain
  10. A typical symptom of endometriosis is:
    Pelvic pain
  11. What does the acronym MCTD stand for?
    Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
  12. MCTD’s reference as an overlap of three diseases which are all pertaining to except:

    C.      Cancer
  13. MCTD is an autoimmune disease that affects all except:

    C.     Heart
  14. What drug classification describes the following medications:  Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Acetaminophen?

    B.      NSAID
  15. If there is anything funny about Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, what is the nickname derived from it combination of
  16. When Breast Cancer has been diagnosed there are various stages of the cancer has progress.  Which is not a stage of breast cancer?
    Stage V
  17. Which is not a medication used in breast cancer treatment?

    D.     Protriptyline
  18. When mutated cells invade healthy tissues in other parts of the body it is called?

    B.     Metastasis
  19. Which screening process shows whether the lump is
    solid or fluid-filled?
    Breast ultrasound
  20. Which one is not a risk factor for Breast Cancer?

    C. Lack of exercise
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