CA-Windows Vista Ch.1

  1. Windows _________ is theWindows Vista antispyware program.
    Windows Defender
  2. Windows ______ is an e-mail program that includes a junkmail filter.
  3. _________ _____ _ is a Web browser that features tabbed browsing and security enhancements (including a Phishing Filter).
    Internet Explorer 7
  4. Windows ______ blocks both unauthorized incoming Internet traffic and outgoing traffic.
  5. _______ ______ is a control center that enables you to check the status of essential security settings.
    Security Center
  6. Windows ______ ______ is a program that enables you to create, edit, and share home movies on your computer.
    Movie Maker
  7. Windows ______ _____ _ is a multimedia program enabling you to work with music and movie files.
    Media Player 11
  8. Windows ______ _____ provides tools for correcting and enhancing picture files.
    Photo Gallery
  9. Windows _____ is an organizer program that enables you to create and view appointments and schedule tasks.
  10. Windows _______ displays links to local weather, stock quotes, and other news.
  11. Windows ______ is a utility that helps you search for items on your computer.
  12. _____ _____ is an interface design that includes transparency effects and gives a slight three-dimensional shape to Windows features.
    Aero Glass
  13. ______ _____ is a feature that enables a computer to be run remotely from another Windows computer.
    Remote Desktop
  14. ________ is the process of obscuring data to make it unreadable without decoding software or knowledge.
  15. The ______ contains icons and a taskbar
  16. An ____ is a pictorial element representing a program, file,Web site, or shortcut.
  17. ______ are mini-applications that display on a Windows Sidebar.
  18. The _______ is the horizontal bar that enables you to move among open windows and provides access to system resources.
  19. The ____ button provides access to programs and other system resources.
  20. The _____ _____ toolbar contains program icons,making it possible to open programs with a single click.
    Quick Launch
  21. The______ ______ , on the right side of the taskbar,displays icons for background programs and system processes.
    Notification area
  22. The ____ ____is a list of programs and utilities that displays when you click the Start button.
    Start menu
  23. The ____ ____ is located on the right side of the Start menu.
    Start panel
  24. The _____ _____ enables you to change system settings, such as your background, screen saver, screen fonts, and accessibility options.
    Control Panel
  25. _____ ___ _____ provides assistance on Windows topics.
    Help and Support
  26. A _______ is a pointer to a file, folder, or Web site.
  27. A _______ is an enclosed rectangular area representing a program or data.
  28. A ______ ____ is a special window that requests input or presents information.
    dialog box
  29. ______ ______ are displayed one on top of the other.
    Stacked windows
  30. ______ ______ are displayed such that a small section of each open window is shown behind another.
    Cascaded windows
  31. An _____ _____, or radio button, is a mutually exclusive selection in a dialog box.
    option button
  32. A ____ ____ enables you to give an instruction by typing in a box.
    text box
  33. A ____ _____ is a dialog box feature where by you can click an up or down arrow to increase or decrease a selection.
    spin button
  34. A _____ _____ enables you to select one or more items that are not mutually exclusive.
    check box
  35. A _____ _____ presents several items, any of which can be selected.
    list box
  36. A _____ _____ is a dialog box item that you click to accept or cancel selections.
    command button
  37. A ____ is a unit of data to which you give a name.
  38. A _____ is an object that can hold multiple files and subfolders.
  39. A________ is a miniature image of a file.
  40. ________ is information that describes data.
  41. A ____ ____ is a document or item that you create and to which you give a name.
    Data File
  42. A _____ ____ is part of a software program, such as Microsoft Word.
    Program File
  43. _______ _______ enables you to manage files and folders.
    Windows Explorer
  44. A ______ ______, or shortcut menu, contains options relative to an item or area that you clicked.
    Context Menu
  45. A ________ is a copy of a file.
  46. The _______ _____ is a temporary holding area for files and folders deleted from the hard drive.
    Recycle Bin
  47. The _________ is the area of a display that is not covered by characters or graphics.
  48. A _____ _____ is a moving image that appears on yourscreen when your computer has been idle for a specified period of time.
    Screen Savor
  49. A ______ is a step-by-step set of guided instructions.
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