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  1. what are common causes of wide fontanel?
    • prematurity
    • IUGR
    • hydrocephalus
    • Down Syndrome
    • hypothyroidism
  2. Do not give polio vaccine if?
    Pt has streptomycin allergy
  3. Do not give MMR?
    If pt is pregnant or immunocompromised
  4. Do not give varicella vaccine?
    If pt has streptomycin allergy or pregnant or immunocompromised. 
  5. What is talipes equinovarus congenita?
    club feet
  6. All states require newborn screening for
    • PKU
    • Galactosemia
    • Sickle cell
    • congential hypothyroidism
  7. Genu varum
    bow legged
  8. Genu valgus
    knock knees
  9. Test for hypothyroidism
    check T4 and TSH
  10. Trust vs Mistrust
  11. Iniative vs guilt
  12. industry vs inferiority
    school age
  13. autonomy vs shame and doubt
  14. identity vs role confusion
  15. what vaccines would you not give a 7 y.o with out hx of previous immunization?
    Hib, DTAP, rotavirus, pneumoccocal
  16. what age does Infant hand to hand transfer 
    7 months
  17. What age does child have stranger anxiety?
    6 months
  18. What age does child have separation anxiety?
    8  months
  19. Development warning signs if school-age kids
    • poor adjustment to school
    • not working to ability
    • frequent illness/need to stay home
    • lack of social interation/peer problems
  20. Developmental warning signs in older age kids
    • Revert to dependent, shy, passive roles
    • using illnes to avoid responsibilities
    • cannot make or keep friends
    • poor school performance
    • disinteresnt in extracirricular activities
    • destructive behavior to express self
  21. Elements of ADHD
    • symptoms present before age of 7
    • symptoms persist for at least 6 months
    • symptoms must be more frequent and more severe than those observed in other children of same development
    • symptoms interfere with functioning in at least 2 settings: home, school, play
  22. Hep B vaccine should not be given to those
    who have baker's yeast anaphylactic reaction
  23. S1
    Mitral/tricuspid valve AV valves close
  24. S2
    Aortic/pulmonic semilunar valves closure
  25. Aortic
    Right upper sternal borders
  26. Pulmonic 
    left lower sternal border
  27. acyantoic lesions
    left to right shunting
  28. cyanotic lesion
    right to left shunting
  29. ASD
    systolic ejection murmur, heard left upper sternal border, ECG shows right ventricular hypetrophy, cardiomegaly
  30. VSD
    systolic ejection murmur, holosystolic thrill felt at LLSB, ECG-Left ventricular hypertrophy, cardiomegaly
  31. Patent ductas arteriosis
    machinery sound murmur, left and right ventricular hypertrophy, cardiomegaly
  32. Trasnposition of the Great arteries
    kids squat, systolic ejection murmur, holosystolic murmur, ECG=right ventricular hypertrophy
  33. Tetrology of fallot
    4 defects: Large VSD, Pulmonary stenosis, Overriding aortia, RVH

    tet spells, loud systolic ejection click at the Middle and upper left sternal borders; thrill and ejection click
  34. Aortic stenosis
    systolic thrill at right upper sternal borders, systolic ejection click , LVH
  35. Pulmonary stenosis
    systolic loud at LUSB, ejection click decrease w/ inspiration and increase with expiration, Thrill at LUSB radiates to back and side, RVH
  36. Coarctation of aorta
    systolic ejection murmur w/ rationd to left interscapular area, RVH Progressing to LVH, cardiomegaly, pulmonary venous congestion, *BP in lower extremities will be lower than upper extremities. 
  37. Right ventricular hypertrophy is seen in
    Pulmonary stenosis, Coarctation of aorta, Transposition of the great arteries, Tetralogy of fallot, ASD
  38. Left ventricular hypertrophy
    VSD, Patent Ductas Arterious, Aortic Stenosis
  39. Psoas sign
    raise leg and you push down against leg
  40. Obturartor sign
    pain w/ internal roation of the right thigh
  41. Mc Burney's point
    tendernes one-third distance from anterior superio iliac spin to umbilicus
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