1. Charismatic people:
    • Stir our emotions
    • Make us feel good
    • Effortlessly connect with others
    • Are open, accessible, warm, receptive, strong and confident
  2. Stories
    • 3 parts - the set-up, confrontation and resolution
    • They should flow. Take the audience on a journey.
    • Bring it to life through performance.
  3. Wordplay
    Put the most important information at the end of sentences. It will have more impact.
  4. Status
    • Always adopt a status of around 7 on a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is high status).
    • We should never feel the need to claim status or prove ourselves.
  5. Vocal status
    • Be cheery, relaxed and resonant (loving).
    • Speak slowly with an interesting tone, harmonious pitch, timbre and volume.
    • Replace filler words (like "er", "like", etc) with silence.
    • Pauses are powerful.
  6. Emotional status
    • Be caring, attentive while listening and react empathically.
    • Attune our emotions to those of others.
  7. How do we want people to feel when they interact with us?
    Hope is a powerful emotion to leave people with.
  8. Make the audience have a good time
    • They want to enjoy themselves and feel at ease.
    • They want you to be good.
  9. Preparation
    It may take a short while to warm up. This is normal. It's just 'getting in character'.
  10. You are the expert
    People want to know about you and your subject (even if that subject is you).
  11. Play the part
    Embrace the artificiality of the situation and engage fully to deliver a show.
  12. We're all actors on a stage
    Nobody's who you think they are anyway.
  13. Focus
    Be present.
  14. Three circles of concentration
    • Intra-personal - internal thinking
    • The intimate - concentrating on those close-by
    • The group - addressing the broader group

    With focus in the third circle, we can drop into the second and first for variety provided we remain in the third too.
  15. We need to star in our own movie
  16. Great communication is all about delivery
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