drivers test

  1. You  should stop for a stopped school bus
     When its red lights are flashing
  2. On a road with two or more lanes traveling in  the same direction, the driver should
     Stay in the right lane except to  pass.
  3. If you are being tailgated, the best thing to  do is
    Move to the right lane and let vehicle  pass, if possible
  4. The traffic signal turns green signaling you to  proceed; you should
    Look left and right before  proceeding
  5. Drivers under 18 years of age arrested for DUI  who refuse to submit to a blood alcohol content test will have their license suspended  for
    Eighteen months
  6. A solid yellow line on your  side means
    You may not pass
  7. This intersection has a stop sign, a stop line,  and a crosswalk. Where should you stop your vehicle
    At the stop line
  8.  You are approaching a school bus which  has stopped on the other side of a divided highway. You should
     Watch for children and be ready to  stop
  9. In bad weather, you should make your car easier  for others to see by
     Turning on your headlights
  10. Your vehicle has a mechanical problem. You  should
     Put on your hazard lights and pull  off the road
  11.  If you drive too fast on a wet road, there is  a danger that
    Your vehicle may hydroplane
  12. The following statements regarding the use of  seatbelts are true, with the exception of:
    They are not necessary if your  vehicle has an air bag
  13. The first thing that a drink of alcohol  affects is
  14. To pass a truck you must
     Make sure you have room to complete the  pass without excessive
  15. You may not park within how many feet of a  stop sign
    15 feet
  16. Drivers must yield to  pedestrians
    At all times
  17. speed limit signs
    Represent the maximum speed for ideal  driving conditions
  18.  If your vehicle has a 2-part safety  belt system you should
    Use both the lap and shoulder belt
  19.   you are approaching a school bus  which has stopped on the other side of a divided highway. you should
    Watch for children and be ready to  stop
  20.   To avoid being blinded by oncoming  cars at night, you should
     Look at the right side of the road
  21.  When you are behind a motorcycle,  you should
    Allow more following distance
  22.  There is an emergency vehicle  coming. you should
    Pull over to the right and stop
  23.   While being passed in a passing  zone, you should
    Slow down and let the other vehicles  safely return to the drive lane
  24. When you approach a traffic signal  displaying a steady yellow light, you must
    Stop if it is safe to do so
  25. You may not park within how many  feet of a fire hydrant
    10 feet
  26. At an intersection with a four-way stop, which  driver can go first
    The driver that reached the intersection  first
  27. How far ahead should you look when you are on  the open highway
    About a quarter of a mile
  28. You come to a sharp crest of a hill. What  should you do
     Slow down
  29. When a large truck wants to pass you,  what should you do
    Slow down to shorten the time required to  pass
  30.  How do seat belts and shoulder straps help the  driver control the car
    They keep you from sliding on your seat in  sudden stops and turns, and they keep you behind the wheel if you are hit from the side
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