(4) Anatomy of Roots and Shoots, Secondary Growth

  1. stele
    single vascuar cylander in the root
  2. pericycle
    single layers of cells around the stele that can be meristematic, location where lateral roots are formed
  3. cortex
    ground tissue that includes everything from the epidermis to the pericycle, composed of parenchyma cells
  4. endoderm
    a layer of cells with very thick walls at the innemost layer of cortex
  5. endodermis
    a selective barrier that only allows certain things into the stele
  6. leaf primordia
    embryonic leaf
  7. epidermis is coated with a ____ and does not have ____
    • cuticle
    • root hair
  8. ground tissue is made of ____
  9. ground tissue has 2 different regions
    • cortex-outside
    • pith-inside
  10. ray
    provides lateral transport/pathway for substances
  11. why dont monocots have cortex or pith?
    because of the ranom alignments of the vascular cylinders
  12. mesophyll
    middle of the leaf
  13. stoma
    an opening in the epidermis that lets CO2 in and O2 out
  14. gaurd cells
    border and open and close the stoma
  15. vein
    vascular cylinder in the leaf
  16. transporation
    evaporation of water from leaf
  17. draw dicot leaf
  18. secondary growth
    a product of lateral mersistems
  19. vascular cambrium
    forms secondary xylem and phloem
  20. fusiform initials
    cells of the vascular cambrium, meristemetic tissue in between the primary xylem and primary phloem
  21. what are ray initials made of?
    parenchyma cells
  22. cork cambrium
    forms in the outside layer of the cortex of the shoot, cells divide to produce cork
  23. cork
    parenchyma cells are packed with suberin
  24. suberin
    wax that prevents evaporation of water in shoot and protects from insects
  25. bark is made of:
    phloem and cork
  26. inside the vascular cambrium is ____(____) and outside is ____(____)
    • wood (xylem)
    • bark (phloem)
  27. location of vascular cambrium
    between xylem and phloem
  28. cork cambrium is formed from the ____ and will be called ____. outside of the cork will _____
    • pericycle
    • periderm
    • disintegrate
  29. draw dicot shoot with secondary growth
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