SOP 20 Explosive Device Procedure

  1. What is the purpose of attending Explosive Device incidents?
    • Support SAPOL.
    • Allow immediate action to be taken in the event of an explosion occurring.
  2. What is the response as per SOP 4 to an explosive device?
    • Report of device – 1 pump code green.
    • Device located/activated – As per risk category + BA/Hazmat, Commander, On Call CBR Officer.
  3. Considerations on arrival at explosive device incident? 5 points.
    • Site appliance well clear without restricting access to other emergency vehicles.
    • Crews dismount and use appliance for protection in the event of an explosion.
    • Radios and Mobiles not to be used within the combatant zone.
    • Charged line with sufficient length to be established.
    • Consider using hydrants so appliances can be kept at a safe distance.
  4. Who has authority to evacuate a building during a bomb threat?
    Building officer, NOT SAPOL.
  5. Who has authority to evacuate a building if an explosive device is located?
  6. Who is responsible for searching for an explosive device?
  7. Considerations if a suspect device is discovered? 4 points.
    • Do not disturb device pending arrival of SAPOL.
    • Evacuate all non-essential people from the building.
    • Leave doors open to vent an explosion.
    • Even small devices can cause widespread damage.
  8. How big is the hot zone when an explosive device has been located?
    300 metres.
  9. Can an EWIS be used to assist evacuation?
    • Yes.
    • If monitored advise comms first and then push MCP.
    • If not monitored press MCP.
  10. Considerations if explosive device explodes? 8 points.
    • Transmit a greater alarm.
    • Consider potential for secondary devices.
    • Work from behind protective cover where possible.
    • Evacuate non essential personnel to 300 metres or furthest debris + 20%.
    • Leave deceased and attend to injured.
    • Preserve scene.
    • Minimise time personnel are in hot zone.
    • Liaise with SAPOL.
  11. Who is the combatant authority at an exploded device?
    SAPOL unless a fire results in which case MFS are CA until fire is controlled where authority shall revert to SAPOL.
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