SOP 19 Multiple Incident Procedures

  1. When would MIP be declared?
    Whenever the number of calls being received by Comms exceeds what can be handled under normal circumstances.
  2. What type of occurrences would lead to MIP being declared? 6 points.
    • Adverse weather.
    • Strong and fierce winds.
    • Storms, heavy rain and flooding.
    • Earthquakes and other natural disasters.
    • Excess calls.
    • Bushfires and related emergencies.
  3. What do officers need to record during MIP? 4 points.
    • Time of each incident.
    • Address of each incident.
    • Times of arrival, stop, K3.
    • Time booked off call.
  4. What radio messages are to be transmitted to Comms during MIP?6 points.
    • Arrival.
    • Stop.
    • K4 or K6.
    • Assistance messages.
    • Radio traffic to be restricted.
    • Excessive detail must be avoided.
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SOP 19 Multiple Incident Procedures
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