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  1. What is kinematic?
    The study of motion without regards to it's forces.
  2. What is biomechanics?
    The study of how the body moves and what causes those movements.
  3. What is single joint movement?
    One joint moving about its axis.
  4. What is compound movement?
    Multiple joints moving about an axis.
  5. What is an open chain movement?
    Where a movement of one joint does not require the movement of another. Like bench press or dumbbell curl.
  6. What is closed chain movement?
    A compound movements where the movement of one joint will produce a predictable motion of another joint.
  7. Which of the following levers are found most commonly in the body?
    Third class levers
  8. What is moment arm (ma)?
    The shortest distance between the force vector and the joint axis.
  9. What is rectilinear?
    General plane of motion?
    • Straight line movement
    • A special case of curvilinear motion where the object is segmented and free to move
    • Movement of an object around a fixed axis in a curved path.
    • Curve path movement
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