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  1. Which are the muscles of quadriceps?
    • Rectus femoris
    • Vastus internedius
    • Vastus lateralis
    • Vastus medialis
  2. Muscles of the hamstring?
    • Bicep femoris
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semimebranosus
  3. Which of the following muscle actions is the gluteus maximus not responsible for?

    A) hip Flexion
  4. The two primary hip flexors are the ___________ and_____________.
    When combined, these two muscles are simply known as the ________________.
    • Psoas major and iliacus
    • Iliopsoas
  5. Which muscle(s) both flex and rotate the spine?

    C) internal and external obliques
  6. Which core muscle is considered the biggest stabilizer of the spine?
    Transverse abdominus
  7. What is the correct order of the abdominus muscles from in the deep to superficial order?
    Transverse abdominus, internal obliques, rectus abdominus, external obliques
  8. What are the muscles of the rotator cuff?
    Supraspinatus, subcapularis, teres minor
  9. The primary function of the upper fibers of trapezius in scapular ____________, while the middle fibers perform scapular _____________, and the lower fibers perform scapular ____________.
    • Elevation
    • Retraction
    • Depression
  10. During horizontal adduction, the pectoralis major acts in which of the following fashions?

    D) agonist
  11. The primary of the rotator cuff is to maintain the integrity and alignment of the gleno-humeral joint.

    A) t
    B) f
    A) t
  12. The biceps brachii is located inferior to the triceps brachii. T or F
    False, it's superior.
  13. What muscle perform forearm supination?
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