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  1. What is kinesiology?
    The scientific study of human movement.
  2. What is anatomical position in the palms?
    Palms facing forward
  3. What is fundamental position of the palms?
    Palms facing the body.
  4. What is the difference between anatomical position and anatomical neutral?
    The position of the palms.
  5. Anatomical neutral is aka fundamental starting position.

    A) true
    B) false
    A) true
  6. What is Sagittal plane?
    Frontal plane?
    Horizontal plane?
    • Divides body into 2 equal right and left half. Ex. Sit up
    • Front and back half. Ex. Jumping jacks
    • Top and bottom half. Ex. Spinal rotation
  7. The movement of Flexion and extension occur in which plane of movement?
    Sagittal plane
  8. Abduction and adduction occur in which plane of movement.
    Frontal plane
  9. Internal and external rotation occur in which plane of movement?
    Horizontal plane
  10. The chin is superior to the nose.
    A) true
    B) false
    B) false
  11. The elbow is considered to be more proximal than the wrist
    A) true
    B) false
    A) true
  12. What is deep and superficial?
    • Below the surface
    • Near the surface
  13. What is distal and proximal?
    • Away from the center or midline of the body
    • Nearest the trunk
  14. What is lateral and medial?
    • To the side; outside, farther from the median
    • To the middle or center
  15. What is prone and supine?
    • Lying down facing downward
    • Lying on the back
  16. What is anterior and posterior?
    • Front of the body
    • Back of the body
  17. What is unilateral?
    Only one side
  18. What is cephalic and caudal?
    • Toward the head
    • Toward the bottom
  19. If a client externally rotates their foot, what other part of the leg will most likely also externally rotate
    The knee and hip
  20. Circumduction is a special muscle movement. At which two joints does it occur?
    The Shoulder and the hip
  21. Where does supination and pronation occur?
    Wrist and ankle
  22. What is supination of the wrist?
    What is pronation of the wrist?
    • Palm is up
    • Palm is down
  23. What is supination and pronation of the foot?
    • Toe down and in ( inversion/adduction/Plantarflexion)
    • Toe up and out (eversion/abduction/dorsiflexion)
  24. What is dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion?
    • Flexion; Toes up
    • extension; Toes down
  25. What are inversion and eversion?
    • Inward movement of the foot
    • Outward movement of the foot
  26. What are the 4 movements of the scapula(shoulder blade)?
    • Protraction - abduction of the scapula
    • Retraction - adduction
    • Elevation - raising
    • Depression - lowering
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