Bottle feeding

  1. Describe bottle feeding position?
    Side-lying- ears above the mouth, forward a little.

    Feeding inprone- usually for hypertone babies with neck extension problems. Held on her stomach and feed with an angled bottle.
  2. Disorganized sucking patterns
    Disorganized- neurologically immature. (drug, preemie) They usually become functional feeders with time.

    • Things to do-
    • 1. swaddling (gets them in midline)
    • 2. firm support
    • 3. calm enviro (dim lights, quiet....
  3. Dysfunctional sucking patterns
    Requires long-term therapy usually because some physical problem.
  4. List some benefits (1) and some drawbacks (2) for the Gravity flow bottle?
    • Gravity flow- tradition bottles= 
    • Benefit = When the bottle is full, bottle requires less sucking for flow. Easier for weak suckers.

    • Drawbacks
    • -more ear infections. As the bottle empties neg pressure is created causing the baby's suck harder. This can result in backflow into eustrachian tube.  Liquid flows intraorally from areas of positive pressure to areas of neg pressure.
    • - As bottle empties may cause neck extension
  5. List a benefit and a drawback for the negative pressure flow bottle?
    • Benefit- air is vented out. less neg pressure.
    • Drawback- requires a stronger suck

    Taining: can use the bottle as a trainer bottle for increasing stronger suck.
  6. Therapy
    Things to do for comforting?
    • Why? dont want them to use extra calories
    • Rock, swaddle sooth, burp more often
  7. Therapy
    Thing to do to stimulate suck?
    massage cheeks, rock baby, vibration, move nipple in/out, tilt head forward, soak cloth in cold and/or sweet. 

    Stimulate then have bottle ready when you see a good suck. Makes feeding functional.
  8. Thickening the liquid for babies
    • 1. Ground baby cereal (rice cereal)
    • 2. Commercial products

    Can only thicken formula because breast milk breaks down rice cereal and simply thick gel thickener is not safe for babies.
  9. Problems with bottle feeding.    Factors to consider?
    • Noisy/ inefficient suck   = lip/tongue seal, alignment,
    •                              uncoordinated SSB, nipple, respiration
    • Loss of fluid= same as above
    • Falls asleep= Inefficient suck
    • no suck, mouths= weakness, nipple
    • clamps on nipple= weakness, nipple
    • poor weight grain= any and all the above
  10. Factors of different nipple types?
    • Longer nipple= delivers milk further back.
    • Orthodontic nipple= benefit: lowers palatal vault- nipple is round on palate side & flat on tongue side.
    • harder nipples= cause more negative pressure
    • softer nipples=  don't
    • slow vs fast- not standard terms, SLP tests flow
    • fast flow-harder to manage
    • Cross cut- "T" cut comes out faster, use for thickened liq
  11. bottle feeding cleft palate
    • habermann-
    • mead johnson-
    • eliminates neg pressure
    • Nipple can be adusted has a resivor
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