film sound

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  1. Aspects -3 types


  2. types of aspects- Loudness
    soft or loud
  3. types of aspects-pitch
    low or high
  4. types of aspects- Timbre
    tone of sound (voice, music, ect.)
  5. 3 types of Soundtrack


  6. types of soundtrack- speech
     dialogue of actors
  7. types of soundtrack- music
    added later
  8. types of soundtrack- noise
    added later
  9. 3 types Sound dimensions


  10. types of sound dimnesions- Rhythm
    example Heartbeat in La Jette
  11. types of sound dimension-fidelity
    accuracy of sound and approproteness of sound

    ex) when sound doesnt match action

    ex) 3 stooges
  12. types sound dimensions- space
    • 2 classifciations of sound space
    • -----------------------------------------

    Diagetic: sound in storyspace

    Nondiagetic: sound outside the story space
  13. Foley artists
    adds sounds to track (soundstseps adn other noises
  14. Leitmotif (light motif)
    musical motifs associated with certain cahracters in story
  15. motifs of Koyannisquatsi

    • -four elements of Earth
    • earth,air,fire, water

    -its a nonnarrative film
  16. characteristics of studio film


    -remakes of old movies

  17. Charact. of studio films- Blockbuster
    want big profits
  18. Charact. of studio films- Sequels
    make more money
  19. Charact. of studio films- Remakes
    -old movies

    -at least 20 years
  20. Charact. of studio films- "foreign"
    • popular films
    • -fist full of dollars
    • -last man standing
    • -magnificent 7
    • -japanese samurais
  21. Charct. of independent films
    -director can do whatever he wants

    -have to get own money

    - Less success that hollywood movies
  22. subgenres
    • ex) horror film
    •  - vampire, scienfiction, zombies films
  23. Genre icons
    expect to see in a particular genre

    ex) western: cowboys, horses, indians

    ex) Science fiction: aliens, spaceships, ray guns
  24. Genres tend to repeat...
    because they need to fit certain characteristics
  25. 2 types of comedies
    Clown and Dark
  26. Clown Comedy
    -slapstick humor

    -funny characters

    -underdog characters


    -split personality

    ex) mr hulots, 3 stooges,
  27. Dark comedy
    - thin line between comedy and tragedy



    - incompetent hero

    4 aspects of death
  28. Dark comedy: 4 aspects of death
    -death becomes absurdly

    -random w/o purpose


    -setup for a laugh
  29. characteristics of experimental films
    -anti genre

    -asocial tendencies

    -3 types of experiemental
  30. types of experiemental films- Avant garde films
    -front ranks

    -more advanced
  31. types of experiemental films- abstract films
    sub category of experimental films
  32. types of experiemental films- Structural
    girl singing in doorway music video
  33. characteristics of surrealism
    -shocking concepts: slit eyeball in first film

    • -dreamlike: subconscious
    •  thats where inspiration comes from


    -music videos we watched and 1 minute videos
  34. Let the right one in motifs
    pocket knife: revenge and protection

    handprints on glass
  35. facts about let the right one in movie
    -used shallow focus on certain characters

    -rubiks cube gets romance going

    -father an alcoholic

    -old man was just eli's helper

    -eli might be a psychological representation
  36. 4 types of animation
    -direct animation

    -2-d animation

    -3-d animation

    -computer animation
  37. types of animation- direct animation
    -draw on film base

  38. types of animation- 2-D animation
    -cel animation (each frame is drawn by hand)

    -draw individual cells
  39. types of animation- 3-D animation
    • -Stop motion
    • clay  or puppets
    • move a real 3D object

    • -Pixilation
    • move inatimate objects
  40. types of animation- computer animation
    -2-d or 3d


    -jurassic park
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