Chapter. 5

  1. The induction system consists of these four major components?
    • 1. Air Scoop
    • 2. Air Filter
    • 3. Fuel Metering System
    • 4. Intake Manifold
  2. What three types of air filter systems have been used on aircraft?
    • Flocked Screen
    • Paper
    • polyurethane
  3. Reciprocating engine induction systems can be broadly classified as?
    • Natrually Aspirated
    • Supercharged
  4. Some modern horizonatally opposed engines that use float carburetors have the carburetor mounted directly to the bottom of the engine                    and the induction pipes pass through the warm oil.
    Oil Sump
  5. Two advantages of passing the fuel/air mixture through the engine oil sump are? 
    • Cools the oil
    • warms the induction air
  6. Air supplied for carburetor heat          filtered
    is not
  7. The carburetor heat control should always be in the       position when operating on sandy or dusty surfaces.
  8. Warm air is       dense than cool air.
  9. Engines equipped with fuel injection systems are not susceptible to carburetor icing, but are equipped with an            air system to allow airflow in case of filter clogging or impact icing.
  10. Alternate air doors may be operated            or              .
    • Manually
    • Automatically
  11. Internally driven superchargers are located           of the fuel metering device.
  12. Manifold pressure of a turbocharged engine is measured on the            side of the throttle valve.
  13. An aircraft engine whose rated horsepower has been increased by using a supercharger is called a                     engine.
    Ground Boosted
  14. An aircraft whose engine are equipped with a two-speed supercharger will use the            blower postition for takeoff.
  15. An aircraft engine that can develope its rated sea level horsepower to a given altitude is called a          engine.
  16. Superchargers which are powered by the energy of the exhaust gases are called?
  17. The turbocharger is located ____ of the fuel metering device.
  18. The three sections of a turbocharger are?
    • Compressor Housing
    • Bearing Housing
    • Turbine Housing
  19. "The turbocharger shaft is supported in ball bearings" this statement is?
  20. Two important functions of the oil that flows through the center housing of a turbocharger are.
    • Lubricate the bearings
    • Remove Heat
  21. Causing an engine to produce an excess of manifold pressure is called_____ the engine 
  22. The valve that is used to control the amount of exhaust gases routed to the turbocharger is known as a _____ _____. 
    Waste Gate
  23. When the waste gate is fully closed ___ of the exhaust gases must pass through the turbocharger.
  24. Turbocharger bearings are cooled by a contineous flow of engine ___.
  25. Another name for turbocharger dishcharged pressure is ____ _____ pressure.
    Upper Deck
  26. The waste gate actuator used with a turbocharger system controlled with an absolute pressure controller is ____ by oil pressure acting on the piston.
  27. The capillary tube restrictor is on the ____ oil line inside the waste gate actuator.
  28. A ratio controller of a turbocharger system is insralled in _____ with an absolute pressure controller.
  29. The variable automatic pressure controller maintains a constant upper deck pressur efor each position of the ______ valve.
  30. The two pressures sensed by the ratio controller are?
    • Ambient
    • Manifold air pressure
  31. The ratio controller controls the manifold pressure at ____ altitudes.
  32. Should the pressure-ratio contoller fail, the _____ ___ _____, found in most systems, will prevent overboosting.
    Pressure Relief Valve
  33. Engines using turbochargers that are designed to operate from sea level up to their critical altitude are referred to as ___ _____ ______ engines.
    Sea Level Boosted
  34. The three basic components of a sea level boosted turbocharger system are?
    • Exhaust bypass valve
    • Density controller
    • Differential pressure controller
  35. The density contoller regulates "bleed oil" only at the ___ ____ position.
    Full Throttle
  36. The ____ _____ on a turbocharger used for pressurized an aircraft limits the amount of air that can  be supplied to the drain.
    Sonic Venturi
  37. Rapid Throttle movement can cause a temporary overboost known as an _______.
  38. The differential pressure controller reduces the unstable condition known as bootstrapping.
  39. Bootstrapping ____ ____ detrimental to engine life.
    Is not
  40. A reciprocating engine in which exhaust-driven turbines are coupled to the engine cranshaft is known as a ______ system.
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