olive garden menu test

  1. create a sampler italiano
    • Choose from:
    • calamari
    • stuffed mushrooms
    • fried zuchini
    • chicken fingers
    • fried mozzarella
    • or toasted beef and pork ravioli
  2. How much do you get with each item for the create a sampler?
    stuffed mushrooms
    fried zuchini
    chicken fingers
    fried mozzarella
    toasted beef and pork ravioli
    • calamari - 1/2 portion
    • stuffed mushrooms - 6
    • fried zuchini - 9
    • chicken fingers - 3
    • fried mozzarella - 3
    • toasted beef and pork ravioli
  3. Bruschetta
    • Roma tomatoes
    • Fresh Basil
    • Extra-virgin olive oil
    • served with ciabatta bread
  4. Sicilian Scampi
    • 8 large shrimp
    • white wine and garlic butter sauce
    • served on baked ciabatta bread with black olives
  5. Caprese Flatbread
    • Garlic spread
    • Mozerella, Romano and Parmesan cheeses
    • toascano tomato blend
    • Italian cheese blend (parmesan, romano and parsley)
  6. Grilled Chicken Flatbread
    • Garlic spread
    • Mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheeses
    • Grilled chicken and roasted red peppers
    • Alfredo sauce
  7. Mussels di Napoli
    • 20 Mussels in the shell
    • simmered with wine and garlic butter sauce
  8. Hot artichokes-spinach dip
    • Cream cheese, parmesan cheese and sour cream
    • artichoke hearts and fresh spinach
    • garlic and crushed red pepper
    • diced tomaoes
    • celery sticks
    • tuscan bread
  9. Lasagna Fritta
    • Parmesan breaded lasagna squares
    • stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, roman and parmesan cheeses
    • onions, parsley, basil and oregano
    • marinara and alfredo sauce
  10. Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta
    • Cheeses (mozarella, provolone, parmesan and romano)
    • topped with fresh tomaotoes
    • served with tuscan bread
  11. Dipping sauces for breadsticks:
    • alfredo sauce
    • marinara sauce
    • 5 cheese marinara
  12. Shrimp scampi fritta
    hand-breaded and fried shrimp lightly tossed with garlic and a white wine butter sauce
  13. Stuffed Mushrooms
    • Clams
    • Breadcrumbs and Parmesan Cheese
    • Onions and bell pepper
    • Garlic, basil and oregano
    • Mozzarella, Romano and parmesan cheese topping
  14. Calamari
    • Lightly breaded and fried calamari strips
    • served with marinara sauce and parmesan peppercorn sauce
  15. Grilled chicken caprese panini
    • Marinated grilled chicken slices
    • Roma tomatoes
    • Parmesan, fontina, grana padano and fresh mozarella cheeses
    • sundried tomato and basil spread
    • comes with soup
  16. Grilled chicken florentine panini
    • Marinated grilled chicken slices
    • Spinach
    • Asiago and Grana Padano cheeses
    • Sundried tomato spread
    • comes with soup
  17. Grilled Steak and Portobello panini
    • Sliced steak marinated with rosemary demi-glace
    • Roasted portobello mushrooms, balsamic roasted onions
    • parmesan, fontina, grana padano and asiago cheeses
  18. chicken alfredo pizza
    • breadstick style pizza, brushed with extra virgin olive oil
    • parmesan cheese sauce with cayenne pepper
    • mozarella, romano and parmesan cheese topping
    • sliced, grilled chicken
    • green onions
  19. create your own pizza
    • breadstick style pizza, brushed with extra virgin olive oil
    • marinara sauce
    • mozzarella, romano and parmesan cheese topping
    • choice of toppings: pepperoni, italian sausage, mushroms, onions, bell peppers, black olives and roma tomatoes
  20. Garden salad
    • iceberg and romaine lettuces
    • black olives
    • roma tomatoes
    • pepperoncini
    • red onion rings
    • olive garden italian dressing
  21. Chicken Caeser Salad
    • Hot grilled and cut chicken breasts
    • crisp romaine
    • grana padano cheese shavings
    • caeser dressing
    • croutons
  22. Chicken and Gnocchi
    • chicken pieces, onion, cream, celery, carrots, psinach
    • Gnocchi
  23. Minestrone
    • Broth
    • vegetables (beans, spinach, zucchini, cabbage and carrots)
    • Shell pasta
  24. Pasta E Fagioli
    • Ground beef, onions, tomatoes, carrots and celery
    • Oregano and cayenne pepper seasonings
    • beans (red kidney beans aandw white beans)
    • tubetti pasta
  25. zuppa toascana
    • sausage
    • sliced potatoes and kale
    • cream, bacon, onions, garlic and crushed red pepper
  26. Braised beef and tortelloni
    • sliced short rib meat
    • roasted portobello
    • diced tomatoes
    • asiago cheese filled tortelloni
    • creamy marsala sauce
    • basil
  27. capellini pomodoro
    • diced roma tomatoes and sundried tomatoes
    • marinara sauce
    • fresh basil and garlic
    • capellini pasta
    • olive oil balsamic vinegar
  28. Capellni di mare, 
    • shrimp, clams and mussels
    • capellini
    • zesty seafood marinara sauce
  29. Cheese ravioli
    • ricotta cheese filled pasta rounds (6 lunch 8 din)
    • marinara or meat sauce, mozzarella, romano and parmesan 
    • cheese topping
  30. Chianti braised short ribs
    • tender boneless short ribs
    • chianti wine sauce
    • roasted prtobello mushrooms
    • mushroom risotto
    • creamy marsala sauce
    • steamed green beans, carrots and cherry tomatoes
  31. chicken alfredo
    • grilled chicken breast (1 for lunch, 2 for dinner)
    • alfredo sauce
    • fettuccine
  32. Chicken marsala
    • three sauteed chicken breasts
    • marsala sauce (marsala wine and sauteed mushrooms)
    • roasted potatoes wiht peppers and onions
  33. chicken Parmigiana
    • Parmesan cheese breaded and lightly fried chicken breasts (1 for lunch 2 for dinner)
    • Marinara sauce and mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheese toppings
    • spaghetti with marinara sauce
  34. Chicken Scampi
    • lightly floured chicken tenders (3 for lunch, 5 for dinner)
    • bell peppers and red onions
    • creamy garlic sauce (butter, cream, roasted garlic, wine, chicken stock, crushed red pepper)
    • Capellini pasta
  35. Chicken shrimp and carbonara
    • Chicken tenders and large, plump shrimp with pancetta
    • carbonara sauce (pancetta bacon and parmesan cream sauce with garlic)
    • Imported Bucatini pasta
    • Roasted red peppers
    • Cheese and breadcrumb topping
  36. Eggplant Parmigiana
    • Breaded and fried eggplant (2 for lunch, 4 for dinner)
    • Marinara sauce and mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheese toppings
    • Spaghetti with marinara sauce
  37. Fettuccine alfredo
    • fettuccine
    • alfredo sauce
  38. Five cheese ziti al forno
    • ziti pasta
    • five italian cheeses (ricotta, parmesan, romano, fontina, mozzarella)
    • five cheese marinara sauce
    • cheese and bredcrumb toppings
  39. Grilled shrimp caprese
    • large grilled shrimp (5 for lunch, 10 for dinner)
    • capellini pasta
    • fresh basil and tomatoes
    • italian cheeses (mozzarella, romano and parmesan)
    • basil/garlic butter sauce
  40. Herb-grilled salmon
    • salmon seased with tuscan grill seasoning
    • steamed broccoli and red peppers
    • broccoli butter
  41. Lasagna classico
    • pasta strips
    • meat sauce (ground beef and pork)
    • ricotta, mozzarella, romano and parmesan cheeses
    • onions, parsley, basil and oregano
    • bechamel and meat sauce with mozzarella, romano and parmesan cheese toppings
  42. lasagna rollata al forno
    lasagna rolls (2 lunch, 3 dinner) stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano cheeses, bakes with five cheese marinara sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and melted romano, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses
  43. Mediterranean grilled chicken
    • herb-marinated 4 oz grilled chicken breasts
    • capellini
    • spinach
    • cherry and roma tomatoes
    • olives and capers
    • lemon-herb broth
    • feta cheese
  44. Mixed grill
    • 2 rosemary marinade skewers
    • 1rosemary marinated chicken
    • 1 rosemary marinated steak
    • grilled zucchini and squash
    • potatoes and resmary demi-glace
  45. parmesan crusted bistecca
    seasoned 8 oz center cut sirloin steak, alfredo sauce, parmesan and polenta seasoned breadcrumbs, garlic parmesan mashed potatoes, asparagus drizzled with balsalmic glace
  46. parmesan crused tilapia
    • tilapia crusted with parmesan cheese
    • steamed zucchini, squash and red peppers
    • capellini pasta
    • garlic butter saucew
    • lunch plate
  47. Raviolo di portabello
    • portobello mushroom stuffed pasta rounds (5 for lunch, 7 for dinner)
    • sundried tomato sauce (butter, cream, sundried tomatoes, cheeses)
  48. seafood alfredo
    • shrimp and scallops
    • green onions and white wine
    • alfredo sauce
    • fettuccine
  49. Seafood brodetto
    • tilapia, scallops and small shrimp
    • white wine and marinara-saffron broth
    • spinach and mushrooms
    • served wit toasted ciabatta bread and grilled lemon half
  50. seafood portofino
    • mussels, shrimp, scallops and mushrooms
    • garlic butter wine sauce (cream, onion and old bay seasoning)
    • linguine
  51. Shrimp and Crab tortelli romana
    • 6 large traingle shaped pasta stuffed with shrimp, crab, and smoked mozzarella
    • 20 small sauteed shrimp, sundried tomato sauce, basil, italian seasonings, diced tomatoes
  52. Shrimp primavera
    • shrimp 10 for lunch; 20 for dinner
    • bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms
    • arrabbiata sauce and white wine
    • penne
  53. Spaghetti with meat sauce
    • spaghetti 
    • meat sauce (grond beef and pork)
  54. Steak gorgonzola alfredo
    • marinated, grilled steak pieces
    • fettuccine
    • alfredo sauce
    • spinach and gorgonzola cheese
    • drizzled with balsamic glace
  55. Steak toscano
    • grilled 12 oz strip steak (black pepper, salt, garlic and rosemary)
    • roasted potatoes with peppers and onions
  56. Stuffed chicken marsala
    • chicken breast stuffed with sundried tomatoes and cheese
    • garlic mashed potatoes
    • creamy marsala sauce with mushrooms
  57. Tour of Italy
    • Lasagna classico
    • chicken parmigiana
    • fettuccine alfredo
  58. Venetian Apricot Chicken
    • grilled chicken breast (1 for lunch) (2 for dinner)
    • Apricot citrus sauce
    • broccoli and asparagus with marinated tomatoes
  59. kids Cheese ravioloi
    • 4 ricotta cheese filled ravioli 
    • tomato sauce
  60. kids chicken fingers and pasta
    • chicken finger and ketchup
    • spaghetti and tomato sauce
  61. kids create your own pasta
    • fettucine, spaghetti, penne, small shels, whole weat linguine
    • sauce: tomato, meat sauce, alfredo, parmesan-butter
    • protein: grilled hcicken, shrijp, italian sausage, meatball
  62. kids Cheese or pepperoni pizza
    • pizza dough
    • marinar sauce
    • mozarella, romano and parmesan cheese topping
    • pepperoni
  63. kids mac and cheese
    • shells pasta
    • cheese sauce
  64. kids sides
    • grapes
    • broccoli
    • garlic mash
  65. black tie mousse cake
    choc cake, dark choc cheesecake, mascarpone cheese custard, dark and white choc icing, choc sauce swirl
  66. celebration cake
    two layer choc cake wiht vanilla butter cream frosting and choc shavings
  67. dolcini
    • strawberry and white choc cream cake
    • choc mousse with dark choc coolie crust
    • amaretto tiramisu with almond cookiue crumble
    • limoncello mousse with vanilla cookie crust
    • dark choc cake wiht choc mousse and caramel cream
  68. lemon cream cake
    sponge cake, italian lemon cream, cookie crumbs, powdered sugar
  69. sundae
    vanilla ice cream with choc raspberry or caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry
  70. tiramisu
    mascarpone cheese custard, ladyfingers soaked in espresso, sweet cocoa
  71. triple chocolate strat
    choc cake, choc mousse, choc ganache, choc and rasp sauce swirl
  72. white choc raspberry cheesecake
    cheesecaek swirled with raspberry puree, white choc shavings and whipped cream topping, raspberry sauce swirl
  73. Zeppoli
    freshly cooked zeppoli, vanilla sugar, og choc sauce
  74. warm apple crostata
    sliced apples, vanilla mascarpone cream, brown sugar crumbles, toasted almonds, shortbread cookie crust, vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, biscotti crumbles, fresh mint sprig
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