Interesting People

  1. Curator
    person in charge of a museum
  2. Jingoist
    an extreme nationalist, chauvinist
  3. Scoundrel
    a disreputable person, a rascal, one who lacks virtue
  4. Skinflint
    a miser, a person who is overly thrifty with money
  5. Stalwart
    someone who stands by you, a strong supporter, adherent
  6. Reveler
    one who engages in merrymaking
  7. Pariah
    an outcast
  8. Mentor
    a tutor, someone who provides guidance
  9. Pacifist
    a person who opposes war
  10. Zealot
    someone who is filled with enthusiasm
  11. Egoist
    concerned with oneself
  12. Glutton
    one given to greedy and voracious eating & drinking
  13. Humanitarian
    a person promoting human welfare
  14. Hypocrite
    a person who puts on a false appearance, says one thing & does another
  15. Boor
    a rude & insensitive person, one who lacks refinement
  16. Benefactor
    a person who makes a gift or bequest
  17. Recluse
    a person who leads a secluded or solitary life
  18. Mendicant
     a beggar
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