S3M3 pharm

  1. HTN prego
    methyldopa- false NT==> alpha 2 agonist
  2. cardio meds that alter sexual function
    • thiazides
    • spironolactone
    • congeners
    • prazosin
  3. clonodine
    a2 agonist
  4. postural hypoTN with first dose
    prazosin, tell pts to take first dose before bed
  5. prazosin
    • a1 antagonist
    • dilation of resistance and capacitance vessels
  6. propranolol
    b blocker
  7. labetolol
    • a/b blocker
    • **high antiHTN efficacy**
  8. supraventricular arrhythmia tx
    b blocker
  9. severe aortic aneurysm tx
    nitroprusside + b blocker or verapamil(Ca-c-b)
  10. hydralazine
    inhib of IP3 mediated Ca release from SR
  11. minoxidil
    open K channels in arteriolar SM
  12. diazoxide
    • open K channels in arteriolar SM membrane
    • - can cause hyperglycemia
    • - sulfa
  13. Fenoldopam
    D1-r agonist mainly in renal arteries==> vasodilation and inhibition of Na reabsorption
  14. verapamil and diltiazem
    Ca channel blockers
  15. dihydropyridines
    Ca-channel blockers
  16. aliskiren
    • competitive renin inhibitor ==> dec AI, AII and aldo and inc renin
    • **no prego- teratogen**
  17. -prils
    • ACE inhibitors
    • **no prego-teratogen**
  18. -sartans
    • angiotensin receptor antagonist
    • **no prego- teratogen**
  19. HTN med to avoid with gout
  20. HTN drugs to avoid with cardiac failure
    Ca channel blockers
  21. HTN meds to avoid with bradyarrhythmia
    b-blockers and Ca channel blockers
  22. HTN meds to avoid with advanced renal insufficiency
    K sparing diuretics, ACEi and ARBs
  23. drugs to avoid with bilateral renal artery stenosis
    ACEi and ARBs
  24. meds to avoid in bronchospastic disease
    b- blockers
  25. nitrate + sildenafil =
    profound hypoTN ~> death
  26. best anti-arrhythmic post MI
    • IB- Lidocaine, mexilitene or phenytoin
    • (IC are C/I==>proarrhythmic)
  27. largest increase in HDL
  28. only lowers LDL
    bile acid binders
  29. no effect on LDL, used for T3HL and hypertriglyceridemia
    fibric acid derivitives (gemfibrozil)
  30. postural hypotension after first dose
    Prazosin: a-1 blocker
  31. INH res
    PM==> activator modification
  32. FQ res
    PM==> target ex mod
  33. MRSA res
    GA==> PBP2
  34. VRSA res
    GA==> altered PG structure
  35. MLSBs res
    GA==> ribosome mod
  36. beta- lactam resistance
    GA==> beta- lactamase
  37. ESBL res
    • GA==> extended spectrum beta- lactamase prod 
    • prev in G- rods
  38. aminoglycosides, Streptogramin A and B- lactam res
    GA==> Abx mod
  39. TCN res
    efflux pump
  40. vancomycin res
    innate in G- organisms
  41. Red man syndrome- flushing and rash after infusion
  42. INH
    • inhibits mycolic acid syn
    • - A/E: hepatotox, peripheral neuropathy
  43. Rifampin
    • DdRP inhibitor
    • A/E: hepatitis, flu-like sx and orange discoloration of body fluids, purpura (STOP TX), dec levels of Est, anti-epileptics and NNRTIs
  44. Pyrazinamide
    • - inhibits TB growth in TB when intralysosomal
    • - **short course (6 mt) MDR-TB
    • - A/E: hepatitis and gout
  45. Ethambutol
    • inhibits aribinogalactan syn
    • A/E: optic neuritis and color blindness
  46. streptomycin
    • - aminoglycoside Abx- extracellular organisms (TB)
    • a/e: nephrotox, ototox
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