The Golden Dozen I

  1. Anamalous
    deviating from the general rule, an irregularity
  2. Paradox
    a seemigly contradictory statement that nonetheless expresses a truth
  3. Decorum
    proper behavior, appearance, or speech
  4. Eclectic
    choosing from a variety of sources
  5. Aesthetic
    appealing to the sense of beauty
  6. Pragmatic
    practical, down to earth, bases decisions on facts, not visions of fanciful notions
  7. Condescending
    to talk down to someone, to behave in a patronizing manner
  8. Gregarious, Affable, Amiable
    friendly, outgoing, extroverted people who like groups
  9. Elated, Ecstatic, Exuberant, Exhilarated, Ebullient, Exultant, Jubilant
    all are really happy, great joy
  10. Ephemeral, Evanescent, Transient, Fleeting
    all are very short lived, brief
  11. Lethargic, Wan, Enervated, Languid, Indolent, Torpid, Phlegmatic
    all are sluggish, lack energy & vitality
  12. Elucidate, Explicate, Expound
    to clarify, explain in great detail
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The Golden Dozen I
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