Unit 2 Vocab.

  1. Fertile Crescent
    An area of rich farmland in SouthWest Asia were the first civilizations began.
  2. Cuneiform
    The world's first system of writing.
  3. Monotheism
    The belief in only one god.
  4. Polytheism
    The belief in many gods.
  5. Pharaoh
    The titles used by the rulers of Egypt.
  6. Judaism
    The religion of the Hebrews.
  7. Christianity
    A major world religion based on the teachings of Jesus.
  8. Islam
    A religion based on the messages Mahammad is believed to have received from God.
  9. Social Hierarchy
    The division of society by rank or class.
  10. irrigation
    A way of supplying water to an area of land.
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Unit 2 Vocab.
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