Induction System

  1. what is the most likely cause if a MAP gage consistently registers barometric pressure regardless of RPM or throttle position.
    a break in the line
  2. what is the purpose of an intercooler on a turbo supercharged engine
    decerases the temperature of the compressed air.
  3. what are the hazards of excessive MAP on an engine?
    could damage the engine
  4. what effect does supercharging have on temperature?
    increases the temperature due to the high compression of the air going into the cylinder.
  5. what effect does a supercharger have on volumetric efficency.
    can improve volumetric efficency by 100%
  6. what is the primary purpose of a supercharger?
    increase manifold pressure
  7. What is the effect of altitude on engine power output?
    Will decrease if you rise and will increase if you go low
  8. What is manifold pressure?
    The absolute pressure of the air inside the induction system.
  9. What is gage or relative pressure?
    Pressure refrenced from existing atmospheric pressure.
  10. What Is Absolute Pressure?
    Pressure Measured Relative to Zero Pressure
  11. explain the operation of a density cpntroller in a turbo charger system?
    the denstiy controller regulates the bleed oil flow from the exhaust bypass valve assembly during full throttal operation.
  12. how does a differential pressure controller maintain the correct boost at partial throttle settings?
    bleeds oil to exhaust bypass valve reducing the amount of boost
  13. what is a supercharger?
    an air pump used to increase the pressure of the air taken into the cylinder.
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