English 11 Vocabulary

  1. Beatitude
    Supreme blessedness or happiness
  2. Bete noire
    A person or thing strongly detested or avoided.
  3. Bode
    To indicate by signs
  4. Dank
    Disagreeably damp or humid
  5. Ecumenical
    Worldwide or general in extent, influence, or application
  6. Fervid
    Extremely hot;burning
  7. Fetid
    Having a offensive odor
  8. Gargantuan
    Of immense size,volume,or capacity;gigantic
  9. Heyday
    The period of greatest popularity,success,or power;prime
  10. Incubus
    An evil spirit supossed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep
  11. Infrastructure
    An underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system
  12. Inveigle
    To win over by coaxing,flattery,or artful talk
  13. Kudos
    Acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement
  14. Lagniappe
    A small gift presented by a storeowner to a customer with the customer's purchase
  15. Prolix
    Tediously prolonged;wordy
  16. Protege
    A person who receives support and protection from an influential patron who furthers the protege's career
  17. Prototype
    An original type,form,or instance serving as a basis or standard form for later stages
  18. Sycophant
    A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people
  19. Tautology
    Needless repetition of the same sense in different words;redundancy
  20. Truckle
    A small wheeler or roller;a coaster
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