UofH KOR401 VOCAB Chapter 02

  1. 가마솥
    traditional Korean iron kettle
  2. 가옥
    house, building
  3. 거리
    material, matter, stuff
  4. 읏음 거리
  5. 이야깃 거리
    topic of conversation; subject of talk
  6. 마실 거리
    drink, beverage
  7. 개발
  8. 개발하다
    to develop
  9. 개발되다
    to be developed
  10. 고소하다
    to taste like rosted sesame; to be tasty
  11. 고안하다
    to devise, to contrive; to design; to originate
  12. 고정하다
    to fix firmly; to fasten; to tie up
  13. 과정
    process; step; procedure
  14. 구수하다
    to be tasty, pleasant tasting, savory (of slightly scorched food and drinks)
  15. 구조
    structure; construction
  16. 산업 구조
    industrial structure
  17. 귀하다
    to be rare, scarce; to be precious, valuable; to be noble
  18. 귀한 물건
    valuable thing; rare thing
  19. 금기시되다
    to be viewed/regarded as taboo
  20. 기록
    recording; record
  21. 기록하다
    to record; to document; to notate
  22. 깔리다
    to be scattered; to be covered
  23. 끝마치다
    to finish off; to complete, to terminate
  24. 널리
    widely, broadly, extensively
  25. 노릇(노릇)하다
    to be yellow here and there; yellowish
  26. 누룽지
    crust of overcooked rice; scorched part of boiled rice
  27. 눋다
    to get scorched; to be burned
  28. 눌은 밥
    scorched rice
  29. stand, support, counter
  30. 때다
    to burn, kindle, heat (with)
  31. 방에 불을 때다
    to heat a room
  32. 뜸을 들이다
    to cook rice completely allowing boiled rice to settle by its own heat; to heat up; to give warm-up time for a job to be done
  33. 뜸들이지 말고 빨리 말해 봐
    Speak up. Don't beat around the bush
  34. 말다
    to mix food with water or soup
  35. 문헌
    documents; documentary records
  36. 참고 문헌
    literature cited
  37. 물기
    moisture; dampness
  38. 미지근하다
    to be lukewarm; tepid
  39. 박박 긁다
    to scrape hard
  40. 부뚜막
    counter area around iron kettles in a traditional Korea kitchen
  41. 빛깔
    color; hue
  42. 뽀얗다
    to be milk-white; to be cream-colored; frosty
  43. 사라지다
    to disappear
  44. 어둠
  45. 생기다
    to come into being; to be formed
  46. 서구화
  47. 손맛
    taste from someone's particular cooking skill
  48. 어머니의 손맛
    taste from one's mother's cooking
  49. kettle; pot
  50. 승늉
    water boiled with scorched rice
  51. 아궁이
    fuel hole; opening of a firebox
  52. 알려지다
    to become known
  53. 어우러지다
    to be well matched with; joined together
  54. 어쩌다(가)
    by chance, by accident
  55. 여기다
    to consider (as); to deem (as)
  56. 불쌍히 여기다
    to feel pity for; to have pity on
  57. 여전히
    as ususal; as before; as ever
  58. heat; fever
  59. 예법
    manners; etiquette; courtesy
  60. 오도독
    with a crunching sound
  61. 오도독 깨물다
    to chomp; to crunch
  62. 올리다
    to offer; to present; to give (humble form)
  63. 기도
    prayer; pray; wish
  64. 이루어지다
    to be formed of, to consist of; to get accomplished
  65. 일품
    article of top quality; excellent piece
  66. 자취
  67. 전통
  68. 점차
    gradually; more and more
  69. 정겹다
    to be friendly; to be affectionate; to be tender
  70. 제대로
    formally, regularly, in a formal way; in a right way
  71. 제사
    memorial service; ancestor worhip ceremony
  72. 제수
    things needed in the ancestor-memorial service
  73. 제품
    product; article
  74. 주걱
    spatula; scoop
  75. 주식
    staple food
  76. 주전부리
    habitual snacking; snack
  77. 중시하다
    to attach great importance to; to take a serious view of a matter
  78. 짓다
    to make (rice); to build (a house); to write/compose (a poem)
  79. 추억
    memories; rememberance; recollection; reminiscence
  80. 충분히
    enough; sufficiently; fairly; fully
  81. soup
  82. 푸근하다
    to be comfortably warm
  83. 푸다
    to scoop up; to dip up
  84. 국을 푸다
    to scoop up soup
  85. 한소끔 끓이다
    to boil briskly
  86. 한술
    a spoonful (of food)
  87. 화학 작용
    chemical reaction
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