1. Noun
       A command, order, directive, strong request.
    "At my mother's ___________ I went to my room to clean it up." 
    "The president was impeached after the panel determined that illegal acts had been commited at his___________.
    •                                     BIHEST
    •                                      (Bihest)
  2. Noun
       Empty of content,  lacking in ideas or intelligence.
    "I don't think that woman understands a word you are saying;her expression ______________ as rabbit's.
    •                              VACUOUS
    •                               (Veakuıs)
    • 'Vacuous' and 'vacent' both refer to emptiness, but not the same kind of emptiness. 'Vacent' is generally used to mean literally empty; an apartment with no tanent is 'vacent' not 'vacuous'. Similarly, a dull person's thought can be 'vacuous'even though his skull is not literally vacent.
  3. Verb / Noun     To walk slowly without any clear direction, no purpose. "We spent the afternoon ____________ around the streets of the old town."
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  4. Adjective
    Artificial, fake, not genuine
    or real; being en imitation of the geuine article.
    "A brooch
    (broş) with ____________ pearls."
    "_____________brick wall."
    "_____________pas (gaffe)
    •                                     FAUX
    •                                     (Fouu)
  5. Noun 
    Pasaj, Kemeraltı, atari salonu.
  6. Verb
    1) To come out of or to be produced by
    something or someone.
    "The smell of handmade tomato sauce _________ from the pan."
    2) To express a quality or feeling through the way that you look and behave.
    "Her face ___________s sadness"
    •                              EMANETE
    •                              EMANETE FROM S.O or S.THING
    •                              EMANATION
  7. Noun
    Terminoloji, sınıflandırma.
    A set of terms used by a group or community.
    "___________ of organic chemicals."
    •                       NOMENCLATURE                                                                            
    •                              (Nomenkıleyçır)
  8. Noun
       The entire scale or range.
    "The ________ of dramatic emotion from grief to joy."
    "Jason has run the ________  of hotel work; from porter to owner."
    •                                        GAMUT
    •                                        (Gea-mıt)
  9. 1) Temprorily quite and not ache. To become quite or still.
    "The political situation is _____."

    2) A volcano which is not active but still registering seismic activity.
    3) Motionless, at rest, still.
    •                                     QUIESCENT
    •                                      (Kuayesınt)
  10. Adverb
       Unintentionally, because of an oversight,mistakenly, unthinkingly,without realizing what you are doing =accidentally, kazara, yanlışlıkla, dikkatsizlik sonucu.

    "When a twenty-something computer geek __________ downloads critical government secrets into his brain, his former college friend turned CIA recruits him as a secret agent, all while keeping him out of evil hands."
    •                              INADVERTENTLY (adv)
    •                                  INADVERTENT  (adj)
  11. Verb
       To cross; to cut, to cut into one another; to meet and cross each other, meet at a point, to cut into or between; to cut or cross mutually; to divide into parts,  kesişmek, kesmek, ikiye bölmek.

     "Parallel lines don't _________."
  12. Verb
       To deceive someone by working only for your own advantage in the (usually illegal) activities you have planned together.

    "The diamond thief _____ _____ his partners and gave them only worthless fake jewels."
    "They set up a  _____ _____ to cheat him of his money"
  13. Noun
       A person who knows a lot about a particular subject and is therefore often asked to give an opinion about it.

    "a political/foreign-policy/sports _______"
  14. Adverb
       Very, very close, nearly a hit, but a miss, an accidental collision that is narrowly avoided,an attempt to do something which fails by a very small amount.

    "Milan's successful defence of the European Cup and ______-______ in the Italian championship last season."
    "Jonesy and Carla have had a ____-____ with divorce."
    bsp;                                 NEAR MISS
  15. Verb
       Kapsamak, etrafını sarmak, çevrelemek, çevirmek, kuşatmak, etrafını çevirmek.

    "Thanks to operations against the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organization which__________ the PKK, acts of terrorism in city centers have reduced significantly.
    • bsp;                            ENCOMPASS
    •                                 (İncampıs)
  16. Noun
       Whatever remains after something else has been removed, kalıntı, tortu.
  17. Fiil
       Kendini _____ gibi göstermek, kendini ____olarak tanıtmak, maskeli baloya katılmak, kılık değiştirmek, sahte tavır takınmak,    olduğundan başka görünmek.

    "Death had missed him in the street and had then come to the hospital to finish the job, death ________ingas a man."
    • uestion>
    • Verb
    •    To get on a boat or ship or (outside the USA) an aeroplane. If you _____ on something new, difficult, or exciting, you start doing it.
    • "He's _______ing on a new career as a writer The government embarked on a programme of radical economic reform." 
    • "Before you ______ on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."
    • </

      • iolating the confidence of another, usually for personal gain.
      • Image Upload 2
  18. Verb
    To set fire to (something), to light (something),cause to start burning
    Antimatteris highly unstable. It _______when it comes contact with absolutely everything...even air.
  19. Adjective
    Rough, raw, especially used to describe vocal quality. Kulak tırmalayıcı.
    "His incessant coughing made his voice sound _____."
  20. Noun
    Tıslamak, hışırtı.
    "There was the ______ of burning flesh"
  21. Verb
    Similar to grilling, i e cooking by direct heat.
  22. Verb
    Ateş püsküren gözlerle bakmak, dümanca bakmak.
  23. Verb, Noun
    Teselli etmek, avutmak. Teselli.
    "His only _____was in knowinghis attacker woul never obtainwhat he has come for"
  24. Verb - Adj
    in a state of shock or confusion. stunned. in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock; "he had a ____ expression on his face"; "lay semiconscious, stunned (or stupefied) by the blow"; "was stupid from fatigue"
  25. Verb
    kekeleyerek söylemek
  26. Verb
    şaşırtmak, hayret ettirmek, sersem etmek, To confuse, puzzle or befuddle someone, especially with many different things - "All the different possible options may ______ us."
  27. Verb
    to spoil the beauty, importance, purity, etc. of something or someone.
    "It's a shame that such a beautiful area has been _____ by a rubbish dump."
    "The soldiers deliberately _____ all the holy places."
    • (Verb)
    • DEFİLEMENT (Noun)
  28. Verb
    come into view indistinctly, often threateningly;
    "Another air plane _____ed into the sky""One question looms: will this highly explosive substance save the world, or will be used to create the most deadly weapon ever made?"            
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